Chinese Altai, Xinjiang, May 2018

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Chinese Altai, Xinjiang, May 2018

Post by JnKln »

Hello everybody,

Since I did not find any info on the cinese Altai moutains I will share my experience from may 2018 here:

My british travel mate and me planned to go hiking in the Altai around Kanas lake northwest of the city of Beitun. We hitchhiked from Ürümqi to Beitun without any problems.
50km after Beitun behind Kanas airport where the S232 splits is a police checkpoint. We were stopped trying to cross it on foot.
The information they gave us was contraictionary:
1. They said that we are not allowed to go further on foot, only by car.
2. After a phone call we were told that foreigners were not allowed in the border area at all, or maybe with a guide.

Anyway we had to return back to Ürümqi.

If you plan to visit the chinese Altai please check recent info before.

- Jan
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