Almaty to Astana by road using marshrutka and coach

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Almaty to Astana by road using marshrutka and coach

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This is my first post on the caravanistan forums and it is regarding the best way to go by road from Almaty to Astana. I have a half baked notion of doing a 2 week trip to Kazakhstan later this year but due to the difficulty in buying train tickets from the UK I am looking for more information on the following...

How long and what is the quickest route from Almaty to Astana by road using just long distances coaches and marshrutka? Looking at google maps the only potential stopping points are Balkhash and Karagandy.

For the long distance coaches am I able to turn up at the bus station and get on or is it as difficult as the trains for foreigners to book?

How much should I pay to get from Almaty to Astana?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Almaty to Astana by road using marshrutka and coach

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You should be able to book a bus ticket the same day, buses are not in demand like trains which are a lot more comfortable, sort of the same price and faster as well. I think in one go it would be 20-24h Almaty-Astana. Karaganda and Balkhash are both off-the-beaten-track destinations, but therefore not without interest. But a detour into the south (Shymkent, Taraz etc.) is perhaps not a bad idea.

I don't know the prices, but my guess is around 25$ for the whole trip.
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