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Turkmenistan border report - Seraghs & Dashoguz

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:51 pm
by funkyboots
Border crossings April 2015.

I crossed the border from Sarakhs, Iran to Seraghs, Turkmenistan- was at border for 8 a.m. opening but it was midday by the time I was clear and in an onward vehicle, partly because the immigration officials were there but the customs guys were not so i had to wait an hour for them to show up! LP said there were minibuses to a nearby point for buses to the nearest town for buses to Mary, my first destination. Nobody at the border spoke English but there was an extremely helpful local official who spoke French - she said there might or might not be a minibus on any given day, but I could be waiting all day and have no luck. She fixed me up with 2 other locals who were heading to Mary, for a shared taxi, and told me to pay no more than $15... seemed steep, but so did everything in Turkmenistan! 2 hours in car to Mary.

From Dashoguz, it is a 10 minute taxi to 'Urgench Post' for about 10 manat ($3 - haggle hard as they may ask for 20 manat) about 10 mins away. Border opens 0930. Very quick and easy, was through both sides in just under an hour. Taxis asked $20 to Khiva but came to $10 for whole car, $5 a head if 2 + people.

Re: Turkmenistan border report - Seraghs & Dashoguz

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:40 am
by steven
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