Hojayli - Konye-Urgench border crossing (UZ - TM)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Hojayli - Konye-Urgench border crossing (UZ - TM)

Post by maglechowicz »

The border is open between 09:00 - 18:00. We were t allowed to cross later in the evening and this overstayed our visa.

Overstaying our visa gave us 3 options - a fine of $300 per person (we didn’t have any cash on us) or getting deported into Uzbekistan for free (we’re banned from entering Turkmenistan for a year now).
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Re: Hojayli - Konye-Urgench border crossing (UZ - TM)

Post by Bethany »

Border report for yesterday 4th Aug. Total time 2 h 45 mins.
9am arrived for opening of border. Very quiet and no money changers or transport present.
9.20am The border actually opened at 9.20 at which point there were 4 of us waiting. Went through uzbek customers quickly but had to wait at passport control as no staff present.
9.35 Uzbek passport control open and stamped out
9.40 arrive Turkmen side and proceed through health check (thermometer), fill out customs form and wait for passport control. Quite time consuming queueing u multiple times to show LOI, pay for visa, Get sticker stuck in, explain route to exit point, Get photos and fingers print taken. We were here for 1 hr 45 mins. I would say most other foreigners were 1 HR 15 mins as ours took longer as there were questions over our transit visa cost being higher as British (posted about it in visa thread).
11.25 customs. X ray scanner and bag search. We were only asked if we had any key items (weapons, drugs including tramdol etc) and our bags were given a cursory glance over. However the Japanese tourist who was slightly ahead of us had every single item taken out of his bag and fully searched. So maybe we were lucky.
11.40 were made to take car to exitborder. He wanted to paid some manat but we didn't have any yet so he let us off.
11.45 done!!! There were 4 drivers waiting other side but no money changers etc. We agreed $10 for a driver to take us around Konye Urgench sites and take us to Dashoguz.
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Re: Hojayli - Konye-Urgench border crossing (UZ - TM)

Post by thijsd »

Belgian couple

We crossed the Konye Urgench border November 7th from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan on transit visa.

We applied for our transit visa in Bishkek and got the email with invitation 14 working days later. We got our visa at the border. We paid each 10$ in Bishkek and each 70$ at the border (this includes the registration fee).

Be attentive to bring the right document for your Iran visa. It has to say ‘electronic visa’ on top, not ‘visa grant notice’. Looks exactly the same, and both are pdf documents called ‘e-visa’, you get them in your mailbox. Stupid mistake, but we made it! We had to walk back a bit to the Uzbek side (soldiers didn’t like this) to have internet to download our visa. There was off course a bad internet connection so we could only get hers, not his. But we promised them we both have the Iran visa and we were allowed to cross. The guy was really friendly, understanding and helpful.

They checked all of our luggage. They didn’t know anything about medication so they just allowed all our medication (we don’t have any codein or so, however). A ‘doctor’ measures your body temperature. And we had to declare all the money we have with us.
The guy said we can not sleep in Mary because it is not on the route. We can visit it, but not sleep. After all, we did sleep in Mary :)
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Re: Hojayli - Konye-Urgench border crossing (UZ - TM)

Post by rhinomaxil »


Crossed this border on November 6th from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan on a transit visa. Stayed in Besqala hostel the night before in Nukus (10$/person) where we arranged a taxi (10$ for the car) to the border in the morning.

The whole process was straightforward and easy. We arrived at the UZ border at 9:20 and were the first. We were 4 foreigners and cleared the Turkmen border about 2h later. We had applied for our visa in Dushanbe where we had paid $10/person. At the border, we had to pay $55/visa + $14/entry tax and $1 of 'banking fee' (even though we paid in cash - the guy gave us a receipt to make it look legit but strangely one of the other foreigners crossing the border with us was charged $6...).

They didn't search the bags, only asked us if we had cigarettes or drones. One of us had 7 packs of cigarettes, declared 2, and got through with no problem.

Between the Uzbek and the Turkmen side you walk 2 minutes, then when you exit the Turkmen customs, a free taxi takes you 500m further, where other taxis are waiting for you. The price to Konye Urgench was 5 manats/person or $2 for the whole car.

In Konye Urgench, the taxi first took us to the bazaar where one of us changed $2 for 30 manats (bad rate), then he dropped us at the taxi station (next to the Dash Mosque Museum on maps.me) where one of the taxi drivers drove us to his friend's house where we could exchange our dollars at the better rate of $1=18 manats.

One advice, on a transit visa, don't change too many dollars as the main things you will pay (hotels, taxis) are in dollars, and the cost of living for the rest is very cheap (1 samsa = 1 manat at the bazaar ; 1 lunch in Ashgabat = 30 manats ; train Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi = 40 manats). We were two people travelling and we changed $50 in Konye Urgench and didn't need to change more afterwards. If you have too many manats at the end of the trip, the exchange rate the other way round is 20 manats=$1.
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