Armenia - Iran border crossing (Nordooz - Agarak)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing (Nordooz - Agarak)

Post by esther »

Crossed the Armenia - Iran border on 18 July 2019. We traveled by bus from Yerevan to Tehran. It was not a direct bus, it also made a stop at Tabriz. In Yerevan we walked into a few travel agencies (look for Persian writing) and compared the offers. The cheapest offer was Royal Safar Iranian.12.000 AMD per person (cash) for the bus Yerevan-Tehran (24 hour drive). We bought the tickets three days in advance. The buses can fill up quite quickly. The bus departs near Children's Park at 11.30 in the morning. At least, that was what the ticket said, because the bus was late. The drive was comfortable, we got snacks on the bus and there were many toilet breaks (no toilet on the bus). There is no wifi on the bus. We arrived at the border at 11 in the evening after a long drive through the Armenian mountains. The passport control was quick, there was no one asking us for health insurance. There are two checks at the Iranian border. We had to wait quite some time after the passport control for our bus to arrive (45 minutes). This gave us time to exchange money (there is an exchange shop inside). Around 11 in the morning we arrived in Tehran and were dropped off at Azadi. Unfortunately, it was not Azadi, but a random place along a high way. We had to walk for 20 minutes in the hot sun (36 degrees) to reach a metro station. I suspect the bus driver did not want to go to Azadi square and though that this was good enough. Overall, smooth journey, but the drop-off point could have been better.
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing (Nordooz - Agarak)

Post by Kanter »

Crossed Armenian Iran border on July 24th. Starting from Yerevan at 11 AM, in Kilikia. Booked tickets 4 days before, for 12 000 AMD. Bus very comfortable, 3 seats for each rank. Good driver, several breaks for toilets and lunch. Road is scenic. Arrived 9 PM at border, first check in the bus for all passeports, then all out with luggages. Scanner and Armenian control : Iranien going back home passeport's check very fast, for me, 5 long minuts of checking all pages, trying to see if my document was a real one. Then asking for Iranian visa. After that, 600 m walk through no man's land with a last control of Armenian side: a policeman asks me what day I will go in Iran (???) : today, 24th. Not funny...
Crossing the bridge and I am in Iran. First control by soldier, smiling: welcome to Iran. Then, real passeport check, few questions: what s your job in France ? Which cities will you visit ? Stamp on e visa not in passeport. Office for insurance was empty, nobody asked me something, only have shown my certificate to control guy. 2 AM arrival in Tabriz, bus goes to Teheran. Taxi are close to drop off point which seems to be main bus station. Iranian guys help me to translate.
Forgot to say that currency at border 1 e 130 k rial. Do not change too much, for them 200e was impossible and 100e huge. 20 to 50 e seems better.
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