Armenia - Iran border crossing (Nordooz - Agarak)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Caucasus (Armenia)-Iran border crossing

Post by thebee »

Slow, but hassle free border crossing with bicycles in November 2015.

Similar to Kidp3, my Canadian Passport did not spur any questions regarding my "guide". (note: I was also never asked about my "guide" during my visit - even though my passport/visa was checked by police on multiple occasions).
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Re: Caucasus (Armenia)-Iran border crossing

Post by SPR11 »

Crossed this border on the 5th of April with my British counterpart. Specific post about the crossing and onward travel here ... ak-norduz/

The gist: hassle free but a bit slow, altough not as slow as some have reported here. No questions asked about guide or anything like that. Only standard questions (fathers name, occupation, destination after Iran, etc). All and all it took about an hour in total.
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Ramblings about our Asian journies at
There's some useful info too.

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Re: Caucasus (Armenia)-Iran border crossing

Post by Boubou »

We crossed the border in Agarak by hitchhiking at the end of February. No problem at all, just a really windy border! They asked a few questions about our destinations in Iran, nothing about a "guide" (we had two French passports).
For information, we started hitchhiking just after passing by the border control. There is traffic on the road, no need to pay a taxi to Jolfa.
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Re: Caucasus (Armenia)-Iran border crossing

Post by Mkz »

A great place to cross into Iran, very quiet. I will use it another time this June
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing

Post by ilig »

We crossed the border at the end of July 2017. We took a marshrutka from Yerevan (forgot the name of the station) that brought us directly to the border. I don't think they usually drive this far, but the driver didn't make us pay extra. The scenery at the border is beautiful and it includes a few metres of walking between the two passenger halls where you can enjoy it.

There's a small shop on the Armenian side selling water, but there's a cheaper one inside the border control building if you want to save some bucks. (Or just get rid of your last Drams)

Money can be exchanged from Dollar, Euro and a couple of other currencies to Rial at the official rates in a small exchange bureau on the Iranian side. There's a tiny shop selling beverages there as well. We took a shared taxi to Mashhad for 10$/seat.

Side note: The border was remarkably busy when we arrived. So you should be there before the daily bus from Yerevan arrives in the afternoon to avoid longer waiting times.
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing

Post by cyberol »

We crossed Agarak-Norduz border at the end of July with our camper-van and here is some information:

Armenian side:
- There is an ATM where you can withdraw Drams as well as an exchange office where you can exchange them to US$.
- Coffee (not too bad), water, snacks and dirty toilets available
- We met some foreigners also crossing with their own cars and they went through fast.
- The actual car check was not very thorough and didn’t last long

Attention SCAM!
Once at the border, we discovered that we had overstayed our Armenia Road tax by 4 days (as we enjoyed Artsakh Republic far too much) and the immigration officers told us that we will have to pay 1300 US$ fine!!! (Yes, one thousand three hundred dollars)
Of course, there was no way we would pay that and for a moment we even thought that it was a joke or something for a hidden camera! My patience ran out after about 2 hours of waiting and discussing and I decided to call some of my Armenian friends who called their contacts at the gov. At first, the immigration officers were still quite confident, but as time went by and phones rang, they began to change attitude until the point when they politely called us with a big smile and told us that there is no problem. Eventually I only had to sign a paper (of which I made sure I took a good picture even though they refused the picture) and I had to pay 10,000 Dram (US$ 20).
5 hours of wasted time for nothing much…

Iran side:
- There is an exchange office open 24h with a decent exchange rate for US$
- There is a shop and a small restaurant outside that seems to be open late.
- People were sleeping on chairs or floor with free a/c ;-)
- Car check: I was really dreading this moment as I have heard so many stories that police would stop and arrest anyone with wine, alcohol, beep*flying cameras*beep, pork, pet, …
We did have a good stock of all the above ‘forbidden’ stuff and the guard opened one door of our camper and said ‘it’s ok’ ! Wow! Anyway, we may have been lucky as we crossed at night, better be cautious…
- The officer was so relaxed, he then offered me tea, stamped my carnet de passage and told me I could go! lol
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing

Post by sebhoff »

Crossed the border two days ago from Iran to Armenia. We took a taxi from Tabriz all the way to the border for 1,200,000 rials (organised by Darya Guesthouse). We changed our remaining rials to dram at the exchange place just before you enter the border area - no idea whether the rate was good (we didn't have much left...).
After showing our passports at the gate, we had to walk to the immigration building - about 250m, I would say. Exiting Iran was a painless affair. As others have reported, you need to give your father's first name, and they were somewhat intrigued not to find my birthplace in Germany in their list of possible places (it has been incorporated into a bigger city since I was born). We then settled on the biggest city nearby.
When we wanted to start walking across the bridge, we were stopped by a guy who offered to drive us across in an electric vehicle. As it turned out, he was only allowed to go up to the middle of the bridge - and then he wanted money for his services. Since we had no rials left, we said we couldn't pay. He didn't speak any English but managed to make it clear that he would be very happy to take euros or dollars. ;-) And he was not happy once we left him standing on the Iranian side of the bridge without paying anything - but since the smallest bill I had was a 10€ note, this was the only option. Unless it's raining heavily, I would suggest you refuse the "service" - it's really not far to walk.
On the Armenian side, things took longer than expected because my wife's Chinese name (which follows her surname - and which is used in addition to her western name) didn't seem to fit any of the categories for names in their system. After 10 minutes or so, they found a way. And that's it - so basically, no major problems. We were picked up at the border, so I can't comment on how to move on from there.
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing

Post by georgestravelsasia »

I crossed this border 10 days ago. All easy (French passport, prearranged visa).
I had hitched from Meghri, it was quite effortless to find a ride. Remember to insist that you dont have money, but if youve made it that far in Armenia you already know that I guess.
On the armenian side, the lady also looked at my passport for about 5 minutes before letting me go. I think it's just her thing :D
You CAN walk across the border. No one was there to offer me a taxi anyway. It's barely 1km and the view on the mountains around is outstanding.
On the iranian side, when getting in the immigration building a man hailed me and told me to come in his small office on the right side and asked me to pay 1 dollar for insurance. It was pretty obvious that it was a scam and I gave him the look, but he kept his bluff. I gave him my insurance certificate (which I had bought in yerevan as the embassy there asks for it) to give him a way out of his bluff and he gave me back my passport...
Nothing worth mentioning on the rest of the process on the iranian side. No fingerprints asked (I read it mentioned above).
When exiting the building it's quite confusing figuring out where the exit is and the only people to ask were taxi drivers. Turn right and walk straight for less than one km. Hitching out was pretty effortless too and I was in Tehran the same night.
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing

Post by hitchhikable »

Border crossed AM -> IR, on 28 January 2018 by two guys, Ukraine and Russia passports, Iranian visas were made in advance.

Hitched a truck from Kajaran (near Kapan) directly to the border.

No comments on the Armenian side, all smooth.

On the Iranian side indeed, just entering the border terminal, on the right there is a glass booth selling travel insurance. The guy will call up all people entering and only keeps saying "passport" and "500 dram" (about 1 USD). After this he gives some slip written in Persian, my friend got it, I didn't. When I told him "I already have insurance" he will say "need to make insurance here". Just ignore him, say "no thanks" and proceed to the passport control ahead. When I turned down the insurance guy several times and went directly to the passport control, he called me up again, reluctantly I came up again and he gave me two guide brochures "Tabriz 2018" without saying any words =))

At the passport control, friendly young guy, only asked me a question where I made my visa, I confirmed I made it in Turkey, and he stamped my arrival stamp, no more questions. By the way, the passport control is not even looking on any insurance, if you bought it from the previous guy for 500 AMD, the passport control guy will give it back to you directly without even looking at it.

After the passport control, a guy in another booth takes a scan of your passport and asks which is your home city in your home country. Not sure what this is for, but whatever. After the customs (just running your baggage through a conveyor, no questions), you're done - welcome to Iran.

In the waiting area there is a currency exchange that can convert your Armenian drams into Iranian rials for 1000 AMD = 88000 IRR (8800 Toman) which I guess is a decent rate if you're interested, but do your own research. I have not found a better rate for changing AMD->IRR in Teheran for example. Not sure what rate they give for other currencies, Russian RUB they refused to exchange.

After walking out of the border terminal, go right. It was dark and seemed to be no traffic whatsoever, so we hopped on a bus to Tabriz for 10 USD per person (10 USD paid 450000 IRR). Better arrive to the border at daylight to enjoy the spectacular views and be able to hitch. Good luck!
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Re: Armenia - Iran border crossing

Post by living_it_pal »

One Australian guy completed Amenia (Agarak) to Iran (Norduz). Arrived at the border, got off the bus with my bags. Passport checked, stamped, sent on my way. Walked outside with 2 friendly Iranians and we headed for Iran. We crossed the bridge, passport checked by border police, all clear and sent to customs/immigration. Thorough passport check, few typical questions, asked if I had health insurance (I had it, and told him I didnt need it, so he was ok with that), stamped my passport and into Iran I went. No problem at all!! Walked into Iran
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