Current road conditions on the Pamir Highway

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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ann berthier
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Re: Current road conditions on the Pamir Highway

Post by ann berthier »

I need transport by taxi from Osh to bishkek on the 8 august,me and my bike.
How can I arrange that here from Belgium?
I need to be in Bishkek the 8 august,so in 1 day.
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Re: Current road conditions on the Pamir Highway

Post by steven »

Hi Ann,

there are several options. If you want to arrange it in advance, you need to get in touch with a tour company. We advertise a few people we trust on our website, there are many others.

Another option is to arrange it on the spot - it has been done many times before by other cycle tourists. This should be cheaper.

Third option is to book a flight.
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Re: Current road conditions on the Pamir Highway

Post by Solsticio »

People transport everything and in large quantities in all of Central Asia. If you don't mind your bicycle being tied to the roof of a car, you will have a lot of choice. Arranging private transport in advance seems a lot of effort to pay a way too high price.
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