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Re: Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

Postby murg » Thu May 16, 2019 1:09 am

Did UZB - TDJ with 2 motorbikes yesterday.

Arrival at Border around 11:10, Border temporarily closed, apparently an Army exercise going on(at least one platoon with AKs & mortars in the Surroundinga)
11:30, Border opens and we where first to enter the area after the passport Check at the barrier.

1) Right Side, First Booth. Handed over vehicle Docs & passport. Had to sign sth. In kyrillic.
2) Right Side, Second Booth. Vehicle Docs again....
3) Enter building in the middle. Eailk through unfunctional Metal Detector after showing passport
4) Hand passport over to officer. Got stamped Out. I Had the Registration Slips clearly visible in my hand, officer didn't want to see them. Same happened to my friend & to a french woman we met there.
5) vehicle Control... Very Short, could have brought anything Out of the country. Friends Bike didn't get checked at all.

Everybody friendly, duration about 45 Minutes

TDJ Immigration

At the Schlagbaum, left Booth on right side. Passport and evisa Control. Both printed & showing the PDF at your phone works.
Few questions. Stamped in.

Ride to main building, parking at the right Close to Containers.
In Main building: one Office with 2 Guys doing the vehicle registration and Tax. One of them spoke fluent english.
Had to wait for about 20 Minutes.
Process took about 30 Minutes for 2 motorbikes. Everything handeritten, No IT.
Received a document that we paid, important to keep for emigration.
Cars are 45$, motorbikes 10$, both valid for 15 days, Had to pay in US$.
No motorbike Control, cars were searched.

Friendly people working there, took about 75 Minutes. I guess If there are lots of vehicles to be taxed it might take much longer.

Money Exchange: after leaving the compound some Guys approached us. The Exchange rate was slightly better than the one my bank's App showed me.

Everything worked well.
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