Irkeshtam Pass: Kyrgyzstan (Osh - Sary Tash) to China (Kashgar)

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Re: Irkeshtam Pass: Kyrgyzstan (Osh - Sary Tash) to China (Kashgar)

Postby Wegen van de wereld » Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:28 am


I crossed from Kyrgystan to China two days ago: August 4th 2016.
Since there was a lot of uncertainty among all the travellers I met taking this route, I feel it's time for a new report:

- Arrived by bicycle at 10am (Kyrgyz time) and welcomed by some very friendly Kyrgys officials. No bagage control whatsoever.
- 1st Chinese checkpost is 5km further
- Bagage control is done one-by-one and you have to wait in a room untill you get send for. Easy going officials of which some even speak some English.
- You have to hand in your passport which you will receive back only after the second checkpost: 140km further. So, when your bagage is checked you need to find a ride to the second checkpost. This is done via the official taxi's which you'll find outside. It should cost not more than 100 Yuan, but they charged me extra for my bike. Make sure to arrange this yourself, no one tells you to and you'll find yourself waiting for hours for nothing.
- The second (and last) checkpost is only opened after 16:30 (Beijing time), but this gives you time to get some lunch right before the gate. The Lagman is very good.
- This immigration building is a nice airconditioned modern place to be and the officers seem to be quit service-orientated. I got through in about 15m.

Overal: nice border crossing which will take some time mainly due to the 140km taxi-ride in between. Kyrgyz side is friendly as ever and the Chinese seem to have installed some kind of costumer-friendly programme.
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Re: Irkeshtam Pass: Kyrgyzstan (Osh - Sary Tash) to China (Kashgar)

Postby tirana2Beijing » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:20 am

We just arrived in Kashgar from Osh and it went very well! No problems and/or delays at all! Find our story below:

- We arranged private transport from our hotel in Osh (we were picked up at 06:00) to the Irkeshtam border (5000 som, which is around 65 euro) and this ride took a bit less than 4 hours in total. Before the actual border is a small police stop where our driver was not allowed to pass as he only had his ID card with him, but finally after 15 minutes they let us continue to the actual border.
- We walked across the border of Kyrgyzstan (our luggage was not checked) and our passport were checked several times and our names were put in the computer. (they also attended us that all foreigners arrival after the 4th of November have to register themselves within 5 days)
- After several checks (10 minutes in total) we jumped into a truck and drove around 7km to the first Chinese border check.
- At the Chinese border check they checked our passports and we had to open one of our luggages. After 5 minutes we were put into a shared taxi (100 Yuan a person or 1000 som a person) and were waiting for all the passports to be checked and given to the driver (in the meantime some other police officers were playing table tennis) and after 30 minutes we were good to go.
- The drive to the real border takes around 1,5 hour and right before arriving the driver and some passengers decided to have lunch for 40 minutes (after this we found out that the border was not open as they were also on their lunch break) and at 16:00 Beijing time we could finally go into the official building.
- At this official building we waited for around 30 minutes while our passports were checked, then went through the control (again we did not have to open our luggage) and were out in CHINA :)
- There was only one taxi there (the same guy who gave us a bad exchange rate but what could we do, we had to have some Yuan so the best would be to change this already in Osh) but he asked way too much to go to Kashgar (200 Yuan) so we started walking and some guys of the border control just finished their shifts and were going to Kashgar so we were put into one (new) car and our luggage in another car and started driving (the car with our luggage not). After around 45 minutes we arrived at our hotel in Kashgar and asked the guys about our luggage and they told us that it would come in around 5 minutes and luckily after waiting with these guys the other truck came and we could check in into the hotel at around 20:00.
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Re: Irkeshtam Pass: Kyrgyzstan (Osh - Sary Tash) to China (Kashgar)

Postby Serica » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:58 pm

Does anyone can give me a good advice how we can reach in the month of June from Osh Airport via Sary Tash the Irkeshtam border crossing?
Which options are available and what is the price - private taxi, collective taxi etc.?

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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Irkeshtam pass: China to Kyrgystan

Postby Xavgui » Fri May 12, 2017 5:14 am


Any recent feedback about this crossing? Need to take a taxi in Kashgar? How much is it?
Need to take a taxi also on the other side, or can you go on your own (cycling)?
Would like to cross (with bikes) early june...

Thanks a lot for any update!
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