NOC for Hunza/Gilgit/Skardu (Pakistan)?

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NOC for Hunza/Gilgit/Skardu (Pakistan)?

Post by ahafs1 »

Hi all,

Anyone been to Hunza, Gilgit or Skardu very recently? If so, is an NOC required to visit these places? Asking as I know a couple of months ago there was something in the news about not needing an NOC anymore and will be headed up that way when I am in Pakistan in July. If an NOC is required, can this be obtained before I arrive into Pakistan? Would this be applied for at my local consulate/embassy?

Any guidance or help is very much appreciated!

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Re: NOC for Hunza/Gilgit/Skardu (Pakistan)?

Post by jacoblab1 »

NOC is not required for those areas and hasn't been required for a while.
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Re: NOC for Hunza/Gilgit/Skardu (Pakistan)?

Post by steven »

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