Torugart Pass: China to Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle

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Torugart Pass: China to Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle

Post by rebobbinator »

I am currently in Kashgar and am trying to understand how to get across the Torugart Pass to Kyrgyzstan. I have read past reports of cyclists who have cycled to the first border checkpoint on the Chinese side and found a minivan or truck to take them and their bicycles across the border. However, the tour agencies who I have asked about crossing the border tell me that I must take a minivan from Kashgar to the Torugart Pass.

Is it still possible to cycle to the Torugart Pass and find transport across the border there? Or is the only option to hire a tour agency to drive us from Kashgar?
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Re: Torugart Pass: China to Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle

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Hi, you ll need a licensed tour agency to take you to the border on the Chinese side. You can cycle on the Kyrgyz side but need a border permit for this, which the tour agency can organize. For example "Old roads of Kashgar" agency in Kashgar can organize it for you. We have just done it from Kyrgyzstan to China. Have fun, it s great there!
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Re: Torugart Pass: China to Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle

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I think he wants to cycle to the border checkpoint where you turn off the Kashgar-Irkeshtam highway (for which you don't need a border permit), and then get the car ride from there up the Torugart pass to the actual border. I would think this should be possible, but tour companies may not want the additional hassle and unpredictability.
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