Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby aboukamos » Sat May 27, 2017 10:31 am

Hi everyone !
As we didn't plan things in advance, we went to the Uzbek embassy in Bichkek last friday, showing up around 11:30, with our online form freshly printed and all the other papers needed, but without any appointment! We were quite sure that we'd be told to call for an appointment and come back later but we thought it worthed the shot. Actually, after just a few minutes waiting in the courtyard, a kind man in the embassy took our papers, looked very briefly to our (french) passports, and after not even 5 minutes, told us to call on Wednesday to know if and when we can pick up our visas (normally not later than this friday). We kept our passports without even asking (we gave copies). We were absolutely relieved not to have met the psycopath I read about, and to have almost solve this visa issue despite our complete lack of preparation. We'll let you know if we get our visas as expected!
Kamal & Manon.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby worldbiking » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:51 pm

Hi there,
We applied for uzbek visas (french citizens) in Bishkek more than 2 weeks ago. They said it wouldn't take more than a week and a visa pick-up in Dushanbe is not a problem. On the same website where the application form is produced there is a visa status check option. After more than 2 weeks though it still says "under consideration".
Anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know if this feature is at all reliable?


Eric and Amaya
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby aboukamos » Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:26 am

Hi everybody,
just a little update of our last post : we called last week for our Uzbek visa in Bishkek (after applying the Friday before), and we got a appointment at 10 am on Friday to pick it up. We went there and we finally got our visas but here are just a few warnings so that you could avoid some of the stress we experienced !
1) be there on time because it actually takes time
2) the lady working there last friday is not nice nor helpful, so insist if you want more explanation
3) when it's your turn, she takes your passports and give you a paper : you have to pay with it on a KICB bank but the one she indicated us as the "nearest bank" is not the one mentioned so far in this thread. It's this one (Localisation): 42.826648, 74.613847 It's quite far, you have to go by taxi (100 soms). We did go to this bank (but maybe the other bank mentioned previously still works, it has to be checked).
4) at the bank (it opens like between 9 and 18) the service was awful : it was lunchtime and only one desk was open and we noticed after 30min that it doesn't take our kind of tickets...so to be sure, take one of each tickets at the machine in the entrance, the guy on the desk didn't seem to care whether it's correct or not
5) we were asked for our passports to do the payment which is silly because ours were precisely at the embassy !! Luckily, we had a copy and it worked. So always have a copy of your passport with you...
6) you pay by cash (we payed 75 usd each , plus 40 soms commission)
7) you hurry up and go back to the embassy by taxi before 13h (we arrived at 12:59...!)

Good luck !
Kamal & Manon.

Ps : sorry, Eric and Amaya, don't know about the pick up in Douchanbé solution...
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby Bob1 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:22 am

I got my visa today - it was easy. I am Australian so needed a LOI, which I got through Stan tours a few weeks ago. I arrived at Embassy at 9.30. A group of four Kyrgyz women were there before me and about 10 more people arrived over the next hour or so. I did not make an appointment. People were seen in order of arrival at the Embassy. This was an informal system that everyone waiting seemed to agree with. The consul herself didn't care what order people went in to see her.

The consular official was the woman described in previous posts. I agree that her manner is not very sympathetic but she really wasn't too bad. I made sure I was very polite and used my three words of Russian: hello, please and thank you.

I was seen at about 10.30, was at the bank by 11 and had my visa by 11.30. I caught a taxi to and from the bank - 50 som each way. Bank staff were polite. They did not ask to see my passport.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby TimL » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:08 am

I got my Uzbek visa today and also had a positive experience with the embassy. I arrived at the embassy at 9:15 while it opens at 10. The consul official immediately opened the door for me and processed my application. I walked to the bank and got back at 10 and received my visa. The consul official was quite friendly and everything went very smoothly.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby Peppermintpig » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:01 am

I got my Uzbek visa yesterday, I am from England so did not need an LOI.
I rang for an appointment Tuesday afternoon at 4pm and got an appointment for 10am the next day. Submitted my form, passport photocopy and photo and was told to call the following Monday. Was unable to call so took my chances on Tuesday. This time the man was working and said visa application was still in a pile. Rang back that afternoon and then the following day and receive it Wednesday.
Do arrive early as you have to go to the bank, take a number and wait. I was waiting in the bank nearly an hour before handing in my payslip to the embassy at 12.55 before the 13.00 closing time! The bank can change money for you as the payment must be in US dollars.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby coreyon2wheels » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:53 pm

We applied in Almaty and picked up in Bishkek.
Staff at Almaty said ok, just go to Bishkek after 7 days.

Bishkek staff asked us to turn in the paperwork again and wait for 3 days, which makes no difference at all from a fellow traveller who turned in new application at Bishkek.

Paid 105 USD.
We're from Hong Kong and hold British National (Overseas) passport.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby Djal » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:16 am


I applied at the Usbek Embassy in Bishkek end of August. I only had a bad black and white copy of my passport and forgot to take a copy of my kyrgyz entry Stamp. But it was fine anyway. I was told to phone them in 4 Days. So I did and they said it's ready. Went there, got a slip, payed at the Bank (20 Som commission), went back and got the visa.

All in all very smooth and polite experience. German passport holder.
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Uzbekistan Visa in Bishkek

Postby Russianrobert » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:30 am

Hi, I'm a Brit who applied for my Uzbekistan (30 day, single entry) Visa in Almaty for pick up in Bishkek

All pretty much went to plan, I submitted my passport, 1 passport photo and copy of passport at the Uzbek Embassy in Almaty (open at 3pm, closed Wednesday) the passport was returned to me and I was told to collect and pay at the embassy in Bishkek in 7 days

Went to the embassy in Bishkek at 09.30 (opens at 10.00, closed Mondays) after 7 days (Tuesday) and they weren't working that day due to the head of visa section being absent.
Returned again next day (Wednesday) early to miss the crowd.
Got in at 09.45 submitted another completed application form (can use a print copy of my original submitted in Almaty) copy of passport, 1 passport photo and passport ( they keep the passport while you go to the bank to pay).
They will give you a voucher to take to the bank on the corner of Prospect Mira/Akhunbaev Street, about 10-15 minutes walk. Pay in dollars, make sure the dollars are in good condition and a small commission to the bank payable in local currency.
Return to the embassy with proof of payment, go straight in, don't go to the back of the queue!
Passport will be returned with visa

I was i and out, including trip to the bank in 1 hour 15 minutes. There's a bus No.8 that runs from the centre out to the embassy and a few marshrutkas 8 SOM
My visa cost $105 for single entry, 30 day visa. Much more than I expected.

Hope this helps (submitted 27/09/17)
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Bishkek

Postby imdumas » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:13 pm

Report: visa accepted.

The embassy in October and September is quite busy. Go at 9:20 or 9:30. They open at 10am.
Please, prepare all your documents carefully. The bling woman who works there is NOT nice (not only me, also few more travellers I met). But at least she's educated.

Payment: there is a New KICB branch, much CLOSER and FASTER than the classic one (in caravanistan website). It's only 5 to 10 minutes away from the embassy, so you don't need to take taxi like in the Old way. They have really few clients beetween 10am and 11am.
So it's much more convenient.
I went to the classic KICB and it took me 1 hour and a half. In my branch it took me less than 10 minutes to pay.

COORDINATES (mapsMe or Gmaps): 42.841097, 74.586218
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