Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Brussels

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Brussels

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Uzbek embassy in Brussels below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Uzbek visa page.
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Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Brussels

Post by Toekan »

Got a 30 day visa for Uzbekistan from the Brussels embassy (as a belgian, without LOI), everything went quite smoothly. Filled in the online form and then called the embassy as nothing was clearly explained online. The guy wasn't very talkative and only spoke French, but I gave the code of my application form and he told me to call back in a week. I called back a bit more than a week later, he said everything was ready and I could come to Brussels. The embassy itself is rather relaxed, no counter, just a small office with a friendly guy, gave me the visa in 10 minutes. 30 days without any problems, 80 euros.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Brussels

Post by Davey »

Same experience for me. Friendly guy; no problems at all getting the visa. They deliver within one week.
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