Urgench airport to Khiva at night?

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Urgench airport to Khiva at night?

Post by jennifer »

I fly into Tashkent on July 1, but my destination is Khiva, since I am actually eastbound on this trip. There is a flight to Urgench that lands at 21:00 the same day, and I am wondering if it is possible and relatively easy to get to Khiva from the airport that night as a single female traveller. I could also stay the night in Tashkent and then take the flight in the morning, but it seemed less hassle to stay at the airport rather than go back and forth. Any advice?
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Re: Urgench airport to Khiva at night?

Post by steven »

There are always taxi drivers waiting. They will not harm you, but to feel better, try to connect with fellow passengers before you exit the airport and are delivered into the hands of the taxisti.
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arriving at Urgench airport at 3:00 am

Post by antoniofonseca »

Hi! I'm arriving at Urgench airport later this August around 3:00 am is there taxis available to Khiva at this hour? Should I arrange previously a taxi with my hotel? Thank you.
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Re: arriving at Urgench airport at 3:00 am

Post by Davey »

It will take at least an hour or more to get out of the airport with the passport control and declaration, but there are taxi's waiting there. My hostel offered a 13$ pickup service, but wasn't really necessary I guess (although it was very welcome not to have to negotiate at that time of night)
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