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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by Popeye »

Hi friends:

We are a Basque couple (with Spanish passports) who just got our Iranian visas in Tbilisi, thru the new e-visa system. This is how it went.

After several tries in which we couldn’t make the system work, finally one day at a Turkish cyber café we managed to file our Visa Application. The main difficulties were: some of the characters in Turkish are not the same as in English, so the page kept blocking up; and getting the correct format for your photos is total madness. The system doesn’t work on Mobile phones, only in computers.

It took us the whole afternoon, but we managed to apply for visas to be collected in Tbilisi. We printed out our Applications (highly recommended).

During the next three weeks, while traveling in Turkey and Georgia, we checked daily thru the “Check your Application Status” option, always getting the same response: “Waiting for Verification”.

When we arrived in Tbilisi, we went to the Embassy with our Application Print-outs. We didn’t have a Reference Number. The man at the Embassy scanned our passports, and all our information appeared in his computer, he submitted our applications to the Ministry, and told us to come back on Monday (it was a Tuesday). During the weekend our Application Status changed to Approved.

So, if you manage to file your Application thru the system, our guess is that there is no need to wait and check your status, you can just go to the Embassy, and they will submit it for you.

Today, Monday, we went again to the Embassy, filled out the visa forms, handed in one photo each (ladies with head-scarf) and made a bank deposit of 50 euro each. They told us to go back on Wednesday to collect our visas.

We hope that this info will be helpful.

Josu ta Ana
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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by vankia »

Hey everyone,

I also have the same problem here, I'm a Taiwanese trying to get the Iran Visa
I apply the RN through the e-visa system on 30/9, and went to the embassy of Iran at Tashkent. The lady in the embassy check my application online and said it still not approved, what I can do is wait for the MFA accept.

Is there any report about the system recently? The lady told me there are two Italians got the visa fruently through e-visa system (they waited about more than a week), but I don't have much time to wait because i still need to apply the Turkmenistan visa in this month.(My visa for Uzbek until 1/11)

Any suggestion what I can do besides only waiting? maybe try to contact the agency to get the RN code..?

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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by Hanne »


My friend and I applied for the e-visa in september but when we contacted the consulate they said we also needed the number of verification. We applied for it through key2persia but got rejected because our e-visa application was still running (and you can not have two applications at the same time). We went to the consulate to cancel our application but they could not find us in their system. We tried calling the numbers on the e-visa website but they also could not find us. On the website we are still 'waiting for verification' so it has not been canceled yet, but we can not cancel it because noone can find our application. Anyone know how to solve this?
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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by Aspirinas »

Hi! I applied on e-Visa august 19th to pick up at the Iranian embassy in Kiev one month later. All went good with application and I got the code.
When I got to the embassy in Kiev all was good with e-Visa. I didn't get the visa for a I didn't have the invitation letter but with the e-visa procedures all was good. If I had the Loi they would have given me the visa on the spot.

I canceled this application and got the Visa in Turkey after getting a Loi
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enter to Iran with e-visa

Post by waverunner »

Hi everyone, I hold two passports, Argentine and German.
I applied for the e-visa (approved by with the German passport. I normally use the Argentine passport to travel but in this case I do not use it because there are tensions between the Argentine and Iranian governments. In my trip the next destination is turkmenistan and I have the LOI with the Argentine passport. I do not have flights or hostel booked in Iran, only the first two nights in Tehran, Will I have a problem at the airport when I arrive?
I'm going from Madrid to Tehran through Istanbul, my German passport dont have stamps yet.
thank you very much for reading the post!
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China expert
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Re: enter to Iran with e-visa

Post by bwv812 »

Just tell them you're leaving to Turkey or elsewhere by land and it shouldn't be an issue.
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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by Apsara »

:P hello !
Hello ! Wonderfull and helpful website! I will visit Iran for The second time this time . My question is : is necessary that the 2 free pages are consecutive? I do have 2 pages free but not one after the other ! Thanks in advance for your help..
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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by steven »

hi Apsara,

good question I don't know the answer. We need CrazyDre for this...

Where did you get the info on the 2 consecutive pages?
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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by Crazydre »

Apsara wrote::P hello !
Hello ! Wonderfull and helpful website! I will visit Iran for The second time this time . My question is : is necessary that the 2 free pages are consecutive? I do have 2 pages free but not one after the other ! Thanks in advance for your help..
For a visa on arrival, no. Through an embassy, it depends on the embassy.
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Re: Iran e-visa system

Post by LuisPinho »


I've successfully used the evisa site to get my VISA at the embassy. The process was in fact very smooth.

After I completed the evisa form I got an email stating that my process was in review. A couple of days later I went to the website to check the status as it was "Approved". The next week I took my application to the embassy and 2 weeks later I got my VISA in my passport.

Just a couple of notes: Check your spam inbox because the first email was sent there, and check the status yourself. You will not receive any information about the status of your application if you don't check it yourself!
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