Is it worth carrying a sleeping system?

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Is it worth carrying a sleeping system?

Post by jacoblab1 »

Hey everyone! I'm in the early stages of planning a trip around Central Asia for 4+ months next summer. I'm planning to spend 30-40 days in Pakistan (mostly northern areas doing some treks/visiting valleys), and then getting to the Uzbekistan via China and Kyrgyzstan. In Uzbekistan I'll spend 3 or so weeks going to the main historical cities and hopefully the Aral Sea. After Uzbekistan, I plan to head to Tajikistan and make my way across the Pamir highway (via the Wakhan corridor). In the Ishkashim I'll take a detor and hope to spend 2-3 weeks trekking in the Afghan Wakhan Corridor. After the Pamirs, I'll go up to Kyrgyzstan + Kazakhstan to relax a bit in Bishkek/Almaty and do some treks nearby.

I figure with the number of shorter treks I want to do, along with the Afghan Wakhan Corridor, bringing a tent+quilt+pad is necessary. I've never done a longer trip where I've carried my own sleeping gear (it will for sure take up a decent amount of pack space).

For people who have traveled in this region before, with or without a sleeping system - why did you choose to go with or without? My main concern is that I carry all that gear with me but rarely use it (Even in the Afghan Wakhan it seems like there are gers and stone huts to stay in a lot of the time).

Thanks in advance! Just looking for some input on this.
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Re: Is it worth carrying a sleeping system?

Post by steven »

If you are not on a budget, stay in homestays and yurts, sure. Costs around 10-15$/night with food. Think the same amount for renting trekking gear if you do want to go into the mountains. If you want to save some money, you'll need to carry the extra weight around.
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