Train with Bicycle Bishkek to Moskow

The Silk Road by train. Experts: Milad, Provodnik
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Train with Bicycle Bishkek to Moskow

Post by Tobbe »

Hey to all Cyclist,

Does somebody know how are the Train-Bicycle condition from BIS to MOS?
Is there a Cargo transport or you can take the Bike into the train?
And maybe if somebody did it already, how much does it cost?

Thanks a LOT !!!
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Re: Train with Bicycle Bishkek to Moskow

Post by steven »

Do let us know when you find out.
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Re: Train with Bicycle Bishkek to Moskow

Post by Jonass »

I just took the train from Bishkek to Moscow with my bicycle. As some information beforehand would have been useful, here's my report.
I traveled in 3. class ( platskart) and didn't have an extra luggage ticket for my bike. There is plenty of storage in the 3. class and I could easily store my bike in the luggage compartment above the bunk beds. I only had to take the wheels and saddle of. The provedelnik didn't seem overly exited about me bringing my bike and asked for an luggage ticket. It didn't seem to be a major problem that I didn't have one and he also didn't ask for any form of bribe.
There are people on the train offering to change rubel and tenge which I didn't do. So I don't know about the rates. In the train restaurant you can pay either in tenge or rubel.
The border crossings are a time consuming process taking over an hour on each side of the border. In contrast to the automobile border crossings between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the rail border crossing was quite intense. The Kazakhs searched all the lugagge carefully and opened all bags. Entering Russia was more relaxed.
All the other passengers were Kyrgyz or Kazakhs heading to Russia for work. Almost nobody traveled the entire way from Bishkek to Moscow. The train wasn't very full so there was a lot of free space which made 3. class much more comfortable.
The train runs on Moscow time in Kyrgyzstan and Russia and on Nur Sultan time in Kazakhstan which can be a bit confusing.
Oh, and try to book as early as possible. The discount you get for booking early makes quite a big difference.
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