Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by Djal »

Hi everyone,

I applied for my Iran visa in Bishkek at the beginning of September after I got my Authorisation Code from key2persia which took 10 working days.

So I went there at 9 am on a Monday with all my documents. The girl working only wanted to see the document with the code and said that they needed to check the code first and I should return at 3 pm. I asked if there was a faster way because I wanted to apply for Turkmen transit the next day (Turkmen embassy is closed on Wednesdays). So she said maybe at noon. I went there at noon but nothing ("He is not here”). So I returned at 3 pm waited around half an hour and then been told that the code had been checked now. So I gave her all the documents expecting to get a bankslip and then my visa. But she told me that the process of putting the visa into my passport would take one week and I should return next Monday (they will keep the passport).

Since I did not expected that and definitely did not wanted to stay that long I asked again for a faster process referring to the 2 French tourists before me who after long begging been told they could pick up their visa the next day in the morning. She was very nice and asked the consul twice but the later refused to take on another passport. So I ended up paying 75€ (at Pakistan National Bank) instead of 50€ for a 1 day express service and been told I could pick it up the next day at 4 pm which would be to late to go to Turkmen embassy on that day but at least it would not take a week. I came back the next day at 3:50 pm waited an hour and finally got my visa.

The girl working is very nice but I suspect a very busy or lazy consul in the back which wasn't at the embassy most of the time. I am a German Passport holder.
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by imdumas »

Parsia travel agency are professional.

Just in case, here are the coordinates of the agency for MapsMe.
42.871265, 74.611302
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

Post by jacoblab1 »

Hey, does anyone know if it's possible for Canadians to get an authorization number/visa at the Parsia travel agency?

Hoping to visit Iran in fall 2019 and am just trying to figure out if it will be possible.. don't want to travel with a guide.

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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

Post by Jonathan »

just for the report : we went to Parsia agency today to get a reference number, they were very helpful. They say there is a long delay they can't explain but it can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to get the visa in Bishkek embassy. Moreover, they say the consul refuses the application for visa to be picked up in another country, you have to apply and get the visa in Bishkek. Their boss comes back next week and will try to have a quicker answer from the embassy. But for now they don't advice to apply for visa if you cannot wait.

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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

Post by bocekm »

I received the evisa confirmation email after 17 days but my girlfriend, who applied at the same time, after 22 days. We visited the Iranian embassy in Bishkek on the 19th day and asked what we can do to speed up my girlfriend's approval. The embassy staff wrote an email to the ministry of foreign affairs that we're waiting for it in Bishkek. It may have helped I guess.
Then we went to the embassy on Monday, on the 23rd day, with what they told us we need:
a) printed PDF from the evisa confirmation email
b) printed confirmation of our insurance
c) copy of the main passport page (doesn't need to be in color)
Then they gave us a bank account number to which we needed to pay 50€ to get the visa in three working days or 75€ for one working day. The bank to go to is 5 mins away Pakistani National Bank on Moskva 84 (42.86901, 74.612277). If you pay there for more people, pay separately to get separate receipts. You can pay only in cash (soms, €, $).
The whole process takes about an hour.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

Post by steven »

Via e-mail:

I have mixed reviews for obtaining the Iranian LOI/visa via the travel agent Parsia. I tried 3 times over 7 business days (this week/last week). Each time I was rejected by the MFA. This is completely out of their control, but it would've been nice to know something like this is possible using them.

Going back after the third rejection they let me know I'll have to go through an agency/host in Iran when I asked about my options. All throughout they were professional, polite and apologetic (one lady spoke fluent English the others use Google translate), so they have that going for them.

The fee was €10 each for the first two attempts. The third they did for free as they were visibly surprised to see me back.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

Post by eoman »

I have applied for the GN via key2persia. I did the request on 5th of June and received the GN code on 10th of June in the morning. All went quick and efficient.
On 10th of June (same day), in the afternoon I went to Iran consulate in Biskek, gave them my documents, they asked me to pay 50$ tax at Pakistani Bank. I paid the tax, returned to the consulate and received the visa in 15 minutes.
Total time spent at the consulate 1 hour and 15 minutes.
I was lucky :geek:
People were nice and everything went smoothly.
I am Romanian citizen solo bike touring in Central Asia.
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