Speed limits in Tajikistan

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Speed limits in Tajikistan

Post by bocekm »

The Caravanistan pages seemed to be uncertain about the speed limits in Tajikistan. I've stumbled upon this report of World Health Organization http://www.euro.who.int/__data/assets/p ... kistan.pdf which states:
Maximum speed limits (km/h)
Urban roads 60
Rural roads 90
Highways and motorways 110

We've seen signs for the start of a section with limit of 60 km/h and and another sign marking the end of such section, on a "highway" between Khorog and Dushanbe. From that I got the impression that the default can't be 60 km/h as stated on Caravanistan's Driving in Tajikistan page.
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Re: Speed limits in Tajikistan

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Well, there are not too many speed limit signs in Tajikistan — but 60 and 90 sounds reasonable. Highways and motorways is a bit irritating, I mean, are there any highways in TJ? :D
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Re: Speed limits in Tajikistan

Post by mazeno »

yes, pamir highway.
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