Lake Issyk or Charyn Canyon? Please help

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Lake Issyk or Charyn Canyon? Please help

Post by Oaklee91 »

Dear all,

I initially wanted to visit the Big Almaty Lake but my agent suddenly said that the road is too risky to take until probably the end of the year. So, I am down to choosing between Mountain Issyk Lake or Charyn Canyon.

I personally would love to visit Issyk Lake, but I'm also traveling with a friend and he is more interested in going to the Canyon.

I love Issyk Lake personally because it looks very magical and can be misty and probably snowy. The water is clear and looks beautiful. But for me, the Canyon itself is not too bad but doesn't seem to be very colorful. My friend wants to visit there because for him it is more anti-mainstream per se, which I don't understand, which part of the Canyon is more anti-mainstream than the Lake.

For those of you who have gone to both places, could you please help us decide which one we should choose for us first timers? This is our first visit to Kazakhstan. Tahnk you very much.
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Re: Lake Issyk or Charyn Canyon? Please help

Post by Julia »

I live in Almaty and haven't heard anything about risky roads to Big Almaty lake right now.
Better to go there instead of Issyk or Charyn. There are lots of other agents in Almaty. Contact them and go to the Big Almaty lake. You can also hire a taxi or hitchhike to the lake. It's easy to get on your own without a tour agent. And the road is accessib mostly all the year around.
Really try other transport or agent.

As for Issyk or Charyn. It's your personal decision)))
It's hard to compare the lake with the canyon.
I've heard different preferences from different travellers. Sone liked the lake more, others prefered the canyon.
If you're going to hire a driver than it doesn't matter where you go.
If going to get there by yourself than the lake is closer and a bit easier to get than the canyon.
As for the view, both places are very nice.
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