Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by gpl »

When you get your approval letter from Bishkek embassy by email, you can either:
- go to the border (59usd) but only if you stated urgent on your applicationi was told
- go to an embassy to pick it up which is a bit cheaper (35?) and give you more certainty

also, on the approval letter there is no entry points and dates written. Still, Turkmenistan border guards will check on their computer.
In my case I went to a different border (Nukus instead of Bukhara) at a different date. Guards made some phone calls and got agreement from a Central team to let me in. I didnt have to argue or justify myself but i would not recommend to do it unless you have multiple entry visa in the country you are leaving
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by poldo95 »

Came expecting the worst since I had problems with a stupid guy in the Almaty cosulate that doesn't understand how transit Visas work (I will make another report for that)

Got in the embassy in the late morning. (By the way there was a turkmen guy who needed a visa for his own country because now he loves in Russia lol). The guy speaks good English. I came there and said that I have a bicycle, since a girl I met said she was told that if she had no means of transportation she could take the plane. I also added not required details to the letter for the embassy, such as a plan and the motivations for Wich I had chosen that particular route (nukus-ashgabat-turkmenbashi, rarely granted), I wrote everything in perfect capital letters, and stated urgent. I was playing the lost kid for the whole time and I could see that the guy really wanted to help me (I wonder how long can I still play this trick since I'm 23 lol). Result? Not only I got the Visa, but I also got it NOT DATE SPECIFIC! At least, that is what the embassy guy wrote me. Entering tomorrow.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Endovelicvs »


Just got a 5 days Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek.

The guy in the embassy speaks good English. He told us:
- apply as urgent to get the visa in less than 10 days;
- the fee to request the visa is 10 USD and an urgent visa costs 55 USD; if you get approved and you do the visa in the same embassy (Bishkek) you only pay 10 USD + 45 USD;
- the transit visa is only for 4-5 days.

We requested transit visa for the route Konye-Urgench - Turkmenbashi. We got a 5 day transit visa. We waited around 10 days (maybe it was approved in less time, we forgot to call before), asked a Kyrgyz person to call the Embassy, they confirmed the visa was approved. We went to the Embassy and they did the visa in less than an hour. In our visa we have the entry and exit date and the entry and exit point.

To do the visa, just go to the website of Turkmenistan Embassy in Bishkek. They have two forms there (visa application + personal info). You need to write a hand written letter, they have a letter example in the Embassy. You also need to show other required visas, photocopy of passport and 2 pictures.
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Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Damin »

I contacted to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Almaty, Astana, and Bishkek before I apply a transit visa because I live in Kazakhstan.
Astana: The staff only said "I don't speak English" and hung up the phone. If you can't speak Russian or Kazakh, I don't recommend the Embassy in Astana.
Almaty: They no longer work for visas.
Bishkek: Good! They are good at English and have answered my questions kindly.
So finally I visited the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Bishkek to apply a transit visa.
I'm planning to arrive in Turkmenbashi from Azerbaijan via ferry and leave in Turkmenabat to Uzbekistan.

The locations and contacts shown on Google Maps are accurate.
But I recommend using Yandex-taxi app to go to there since almost taxi driver doesn't know where it is.
Anyway, when you arrive the embassy, you don't need to enter the building.
There are table and chairs with a glue and the sample of application in the garden.
Firstly, prepare every documents. Application form with a photo, personal information with a photo, a handwritten letter(don't worry! there are sample), visas of the countries of entry and exit, and a copy of a passport. You can get a new paper and application form from staff. Or you can print out them from the website(https://kyrgyzstan.tmembassy.gov.tm/en/ ... pplication) in advance.
Second, Submit staff the documents via window. And he will give you a paper with an account to pay a visa application fee(10$).
Third, Go to the bank(KICB bank) and pay. I'd like to recommend using Yandex-taxi app again. It is difficult to take taxi because the embassy is in a quiet place.
This is the closest KICB bank to the embassy.
ул. Жукеева-Пудовкина, 44/1, Bishkek 720001(https://goo.gl/maps/63mPwgtPddF9wLm68)
Lastly, Come back to the embassy and submit the payment receipt. They will contact you via an email or a phone.

I have visited there in the morning, every process has taken 2~3 hours.

+ I add this part after trip.
Fortunately, I got the visa.
I received a permission of visa via email from the embassy after 15 days of applying for a visa.
It's later than the date announced by the embassy because they forgot my visa application. After I called the embassy and asked about my visa, they sent me a visa letter.
Anyway, it was a little late, but I received the visa permission safely, and the consul and staff of the embassy in Bishkek were kinder than expected.

I entered the Turkmenistan at the border, Turkmenbashi via Ferry.
There is a new and clean terminal at the port of Turkmenbashi.
First, I registered my passport with the automatic machine in front of the passport controls.
Second, I paid the entry fee 10$ at the window of bank next to the passport controls.
Third, There is a window of visa next to the bank. I show the permission for visa, paid 60$(include commission 5$), and got my visa. And went to the passport control with my visa.
And then, finally, I entered Turkmenistan!!!

The Turkmen who met at the ferry and at the terminal were all so kind to me that I was able to enter the country safely with their help even though I could not speak Russian very well. Even the immigration officer was kind. They even offered to give me a line just because I was a foreigner. If you are planning to go to Turkmenistan, don't worry too much. It is a closed country, but the people are very kind.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by steenaa54 »

A week ago I arrived in Nur Sultan from Europe. I went to the embassy, and tried to ask for visa. I had made all the preparetions I think was needed, also a description of my trip Dashogos, Gate to Hell, Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi and to Baku from there. When he saw that I was going to see sooooo much it was for him not at transit visa i needed. I could go to a travel agency (in Nur Sultan) and get them to make a tour. Then I was welcome back for a tourist visa.

2 days ago I then tried again in Almaty. Answer: you dont need to cross Turkmenistan. You can go to Aktau and sail to Baku from there. Of course he was right, but after 5 minutes i convinced him that because of the ferry sailing maybe once a week, its was better for me to transit Turkmenistan to Baku. Then he started checking my papers. The form from internet was filled in not correction in many cases. For exampel i had not written the country of birthplace and my home adress + a lot more. And at last my photos could not be attached to the form. It had to be fotografed into the copy……I felt it was so much uphill that i decided not to come back

Today i then went to embassy in Bishkek. It was really organised. There was a table and benches outside the embassy with all the papers shown. And the nice lady gave a detailed explanation what to give them. And my form which was so wrong in Almaty, was accepted with a few corrections. I arrived at 10 and after being in the bank I completed everything at 12....

Now its just to cross fingers......
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by elsacados »

I arrived at opening time, filled in the papers, they have everything explained there on a table, went to the bank (10$ processing fee), then to some copy shop because I had only black and white copy of my passport and needed a colour one, was back there around 11 (did everything with the bus, it's running quite often), handed everything in, said I would love to get the visa at the border, and got the invitation 2 weeks later in my mail box, with no specified date (3 months validity).
I entered through the border that was not the one specified in my visa but didn't have a problem, I had to pay 73$ at the border though, 55 for visa and the rest I don't know what for, although I got a receipt for it but it's all in Turkmen.
I hitchhiked through the country, it was super easy and people were really kind, slept once at people's place and once with couchsurfing, I loved my stay there and wish I could have stayed longer.
Hope it will work out for you as well as it did for me.
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