Kish Island: car on the ferry

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Kish Island: car on the ferry

Post by steven »

We summarize all info regarding the boats to Kish here: ... oat-ferry/

This is a report I got via e-mail:

Just wanted to share my story with you guys. So i wanted to get my campervan over to kish island. I first drove to bandar charak. Here i wandered around trying to find a way.

i met some guys and when they saw my car the only thing they could say was problem problem. When i got my iranian friend involved they story was that special permission was needed to get vans and autobusses on to kish island and that this was pretty much impossible to get. But rest assured i could park my car with them for a dollar a day and take the ferry as a passenger. I was not going to leave my van with anyone.

Long story short. After a lot of persisting i was given a phone number and advised to go to bandar aftab. According to your website there is no service anymore from there. I am happy to say that this is not true anymore.

After showing all my papers including my carnet de passage and having my car checked and taken pictures of i got put on a boat to kish. I have been there for 3 days and i am now on the boat back to bandar aftab to continue my journey.

In summary. If you have a normal passenger car you wont have trouble catching any ferry from bandar charack.

If you want to take a camper van or autobus or anything out of the ordinary you will be required to get special permission to drive on kish before they will let you enter the ferry to kish.

In both cases your own vehicle is only allowed a maximum stay of 7 days on the island. Mr. Karimi is the special permission magician in bandar aftab.

His office is located all the way at the back of the first building on the left when you drive on to the harbor terrain GPS 26.7257233,53.9285856 (to get passed the gate you have to pay the gate keeper 50.000 rials for some reason)

Mr. Karimi's phone number is 09171621529 he speaks limited english so try get an iranian friend to talk farsi with him on the phone to smoothen things.I paid 4.150.000 rials for both ways (only me and my van no passengers) i have no idea what part is for the ferry and what part is for the permission.

Mr. Karimi is a very kind guy and when i was going through the process it seemed like it was a lot of hard work for him to get everything sorted. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved.

As stated on your site services vary on demand so there will always be luck involved in getting the ferry the same day.

Bottom line is If you want to get your van on to kish remember that you have no right to do so and consider it a privilege if you get it done. So please be very kind and as help full as you can with MR. Karimi.

Once you are on kish you will be required to see immigration police before you can leave the harbor.

GPS 26.5640758,53.9977504 (if you see the exit gate of the harbour on your left keep driving straight for about 200 meters) Make sure you have some kind of hotel card or reservation or at minimum a hotel name where you are supposedly staying. As he will be asking for it.

They hate you wildcamping on the island and since you are bringing something purpose build for camping they are very weary of you and will stress you to take a hotel.

Rest assured though the island is only developed in the north eastern corner. the south and west are completely undeveloped and you can drive your van wherever you like. It is normal to drive on the bicycle path.

And i spend three nights camping on the beach. (last night even made a camp fire).Along the process you will be given a couple of pieces of paper with stuff written on it. Looks like trash but don't throw it away as they will ask you for it when you want to leave.

I just rocked up at the harbor for the return but apparently you have to make a reservation the day before you want to leave. They supposedly made an exception for me and i was on the ferry an hour later.

I don't know if its true or not or how to make this reservation but leave a day extra in your schedule after you leave the island in case they do make you wait a day.when you get to the harbor gate. just off to the left before it is a parking lot with a bunch of offices.

It is a bit chaotic and people don't speak much english. I didn't understand what exactly was going on but i got my pieces of paper stamped in two different offices before i was allowed to enter the harbor.
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Re: Kish Island: car on the ferry

Post by Lovetheworld »

In 2011 we took the ferry to Qeshm Island with Landcruiser.
No special permission needed (with landcruiser).

But there, they also wanted to see the Carnet du Passage.
I think it has to do with these islands being tax-free, which you can see because of the fancy cars driving around.
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