Carnet de passage for Royal Enfield from India

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Carnet de passage for Royal Enfield from India

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My boyfriend and I plan to buy a Royal Enfield in India and to go back to France with it.

How did you do for the carnet de passage ? The French automobile association is okay to make one for us but they need a special authorization from an Indian automobile association and so far they said no.

Thank you very much,

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Re: Carnet de passage for Royal Enfield from India

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Hi Aurelia,

There's a very thorough post here that goes through all the details: ... ield-94008

The short version is, it's very difficult, or sometimes impossible.

Buying in Nepal might be a better option — I've heard that it's relatively simple to get the bike registered in your name. You pay more for the bike due to Nepal's import taxes, but a 2-3 year old Enfield in good condition should still only be around USD 3000–5000.

From my research, there's 2 good options for getting a Carnet. If you're an EU citizen you can get it from ADAC. If not, Touring Club Switzerland ar ethe best option. See or google "TCS carnet foreigner".

Not sure about importing permanently to France, but there will be significant costs involved, and I believe there are issues with emissions standards. I think the article I linked above deals with that side of things as well.

Good luck :)
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