Khujand - Margeb (Yagnob) - Sarytag - Dushanbe

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Khujand - Margeb (Yagnob) - Sarytag - Dushanbe

Post by Chunggg »

Hi all,

I have some questions in terms of transport and accommodations with regards to the follow itinerary:

1. Khujand to Sarvoda via Shared Taxi, then Sarvoda to Margeb village via 4x4 within the same day if possible (Heard that the road requires this) Spent some nights in the village homestay.

2. Margeb to Sarvoda, then to Sarytag preferably (Otherwise Iskanderkul) for another few nights.

3. Sarytag/Iskanderkul to Dushanbe

I'm looking to do the above route within 6-8 days time during mid-May and was wondering if finding transport for this route would be a problem? I would love to find out about rough cost for transport if this route is feasible.

For accommodations, I know of Dilovar's in Sarytag and also Sayoh Homestay in Margeb. Any other recommendations are also welcome, preferably if the homestay owners speak a little english as unfortunately, my Russian is very, very basic :(

Thank you guys in advanced!
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Re: Khujand - Margeb (Yagnob) - Sarytag - Dushanbe

Post by Jealgu »

1. No 4x4 needed, unless you wabt to go way further into the valley. I took a Dushanbe Ayni shared taxi. From Khujand you may need to take a shared taxi going to Dushanbe, which means paying all the way. With the help of my driver I found a shared ride to Margeb quickly.

2. No experience with.

3. No experience with.

There are three homestays in the upper village of Margeb, see I stayed in the first one if you enter. Very basic English. Nice chap, but very eager to make extra money for guides etc. Next time I would check out the other two. My trip back was in the weekend so no regular transport back. After a while when it was really ckear to my host I would rather walk/hitch hike than hire a private car he could arrange a place in a shared one.

Do not remember exact prices. Sarvoda to Margeb was relatively expensive.
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Re: Khujand - Margeb (Yagnob) - Sarytag - Dushanbe

Post by FRT15 »

Chunggg, did you take your trip? I'm curious to hear about the public transportation routes you took. Thanks
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