Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan 3 weeks

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Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan 3 weeks

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I'm planning to spend 3 weeks in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, I fly in a months time. My current itinerary:
- Arrive in Tashkent on the morning of Saturday 22nd June
- Later on the 22nd June travel to Samarkand and Bukhara spending a couple of days in each
- Get back to Tashkent for the overnight train to Bishkek on 27th June
- Spend a couple of days in Bishkek
- Travel to Burkana tower to have a look around and spend a night nearby in Tokmok (due to nowhere to stay in Burkana?)
- Then travel to Tash Rabat to do a trek for a couple of days
- Get back to Bishkek to get an overnight Marshrutka to Osh
- Spend a couple of days in Osh before crossing the border and spending two/three days in the Fergana Valley
- Get to Tashkent and spend a couple of days here before flying home on 12th July

Can anyone see any issues/suggest any improvements around this. I've tried to compile this from what I've found online and in the lonely planet guide but it's not as easy as planning for other areas I've travelled so I'm open to changing this as much as is necessary to really experience the countries as much as possible in the short time frame and have a great time,

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Re: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan 3 weeks

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With limited time the Burana tower is definitely not worth spending a night near: maybe stop there for an hour or so on your way towards Issyk-kul.

If you're going to go to the trouble and expense of visiting Tash Rabat, consider hiring a car to go direct to Osh from there via the Kazarman pass. That's especially since you don't plan on being awake during the Bishkek-Osh leg, and thus won't be missing any scenery there. You could also add Song Kol before the pass, or Arslanbob after, if you want more trekking/hiking. You can see pretty much all Osh has to offer in one day, and there's probably no individual place in the Uzbek Ferghana Valley that really demands more than a half a day if time is tight.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan 3 weeks

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Hey Tom – Hoping your trip went well! I'm doing a similar trip in mid-August, and I was curious if you had any feedback or tips. Thanks!
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