Trip spending report- 2 month trip

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Trip spending report- 2 month trip

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I found a great app on my recently completed trip around Central Asia to track spending- called Tripcoin. Its free and allows you to track spending in different currencies and categorise everything and work out averages, get graphs etc, the dream, well my dream if you like geeking out on data and stats.

I'm interested in what people spend on trips so thought someone might find this info helpful. I travel solo and would say I'm a mid range backpacker, so dorms and public transport most of the trip, but I eat at restaurants (not always the cheapest ones), take taxis and private transfers occasionally to avoid long journeys etc.

I realise this is way too much detail for many people, and yes I know not everyone wants to track things this much....

Trip length- 59 days
Daily average overall £31.97
Total spend of trip £1886 (Other costs not included as purchased before - Flights from London. Tajik and China visa, China overnight train Turpan-Kashgar -about £60 via agency)

Daily average per country*
-China (8 days)- £32.51 per day- I had one very expensive day crossing the border to Kyrgyz which pushed up the daily average, without this day, average more like £25
-Kyrgyzstan (23 days)- £24.89 per day
-Tajikistan (13 days)- £46.12 per day- Had driver and car for 10 days in Pamirs which pushed up prices considerably (total worth it though!)
-Uzbekistan (17 days) - £22.88 per day
-Kazakhstan (4 days)- £16.26 per day - just a short trip from Tashkent up to Shymkent

Total cost per category
-Travel/Transport - £637 (including Pamir Highway car $430USDpp)
-Accommodation- £526 (often included breakfast and sometimes dinner)
-Food- £401
-Activities/Entrance fees etc- £226 (including 3 day horse trek covering food/accom)
-Misc (SIM cards, souvenirs, laundry etc) £94

*the days don't add up to 59, There is some double up in the app for days when you cross borders but overall the averages work out roughly OK.
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