Cheap accommodation for Turkmenistan: Q&A

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Re: Cheap accommodation for Turkmenistan: Q&A

Post by esther »

Stayed at Kuwwat Hotel in Ashgabat, because it seemed to be the only 'budget' option. We paid 30 US dollars (per night) for a lux room. Was not a luxe room, but a basic room with AC and a private bathroom. It is average, don't expect much. Two people (of the staff) speak English and they were absolute legends. Zara took us to the Russian Bazaar to exchange dollars for manats (directly after we checked in) and she showed us a nice cafe for dinner. The other guy at the reception (don't know the name, sorry) helped us with a taxi to Darwaza (all train and bus tickets were sold out because of national and religious holidays). A true lifesaver!

In Darwaza we stayed at the yurt camp with 5 or so yurts. We had to negotiate first, because they started at 60 dollars for one night. We could make a deal for 20 dollars per person, including breakfast and diner. Still felt a bit overpriced, but they would not go lower. After Darwaza we left the country, because it seemed there was no decent hotel in Dashoguz or Konye-Urgench.
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Re: Cheap accommodation for Turkmenistan: Q&A

Post by thijsd »

We stayed in an AirBnB in Ashgabat for 15 dollar per night (for 2).
His name was Arslan. Friendly guy. We got a room in his house and some matresses and blankets on the floor.

At the Darwaza crater we slept in our tent, although there were a shitload of yurts there. A guy immediately came up to offer us one.

In Mary we slept in the Myhmanhana hotel near the trainstation. The one with the yellow and green sign on the roof. They seemed to be doing some renovations. Also the water was not really present in our smelly bathroom. We payed 10 dollar in total for a separate room with bathroom.
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Re: Cheap accommodation for Turkmenistan: Q&A

Post by rhinomaxil »


We stayed in Ashgabat at Kuwwat Hotel for $10/person. Location is very convenient, close to the Russian bazaar and walking distance from the train station. But the hotel is NOT clean; I'm talking dozens of cockroachs crawling in your room, your bed and in your bag at night, shared bathroom with shit on the floor, two shared showers with drains clogged with hair where you shower with dirty water from your predecessors up to your ankle. Therefore I'd recommed to pay the extra $5/person for the lux room, which is not particularly luxurious but at least you have your own shower. Also owners want to be paid in manats only.

As mentioned above, while the owners don't speak English, there was an elegant blonde woman in her mid-50s who spoke good English and took care of us. As soon as we arrived, she came to see us, took us to the Russian bazaar, changed manats for one other foreigner travelling with us, and offered us to take us for a drink later in a pub. It's quite funny because, as she told us herself, she doesn't work in this hotel, but she lives in one of the rooms there, and takes care of foreigners.

In Darvaza we slept in a yurt next to the crater ($10/person without food).

In Turkmenbashi, the hotel next to the terminal charges $71 for a double room. Downtown Turkmenbashi, the Hazar Hotel next to the train station does not accept foreigners on a transit visa, the Charlak Hotel also charges $71 for a double room, while the Turkmenbasy Hotel further west charges $35 (single occupancy) or $42 (for 2 people) for a double room. A German couple we met the next day on the ferry found a guesthouse for $10/person (their taxi driver took us there when he heard of the very high prices charged by the other hotels) but I don't know the name. We slept in the ferry terminal, where the seats are not too uncomfortable (but they don't turn off the very very bright lights at night and local people waiting for the ferry don't keep it quiet before 2am.
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Re: Cheap accommodation for Turkmenistan: Q&A

Post by TomGoode »

If heading to or from Sarakhs border and needing a place to stay overnight the Tejen Hotel in Tejen only costs 12 manat (so much less than $1 USD). Pretty derelict but there weren’t any cockroaches and the owners are friendly.
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Re: Cheap accommodation for Turkmenistan: Q&A

Post by Traveltheworld »

I recommend staying at Jessica's place in Ashgabat.
She runs a small family run guesthouse right in the heart of Ashgabat. I stayed here at $20 per night per person. It is very reasonable price for Ashgabat for its perfect location and Jessica family's amazing hospitality.
The house is right in the heart of the city, u can reach everywhere very easily. Russian bazaar is in within walking distance.
The house is clean, warm in winter, and has hot shower. Jessica prepared me with breakfast and even dinner, which was very nice of her! The food was very yummy.
The room is basic and it has no bed, but she prepared me a thick blankets used as mattress, clean sheets, pillows and blanket on the top. The room was very warm in cold winter.
The house has an amazing view, just like Manhattan central park view of New York City.
I first planned to stay for 2 nights but ended up staying 4 nights in Jessica's house. Highly recommend to anyone who plans to visit Ashgabat.
One thing to note is that she prefers female guests, and small group. One person or maximum 2 guests can stay at a time.
She has an Instagram page, so you can check her guest house Instagram and directly message her for the accommodation.
Please search @jessica_ashgabat at Instagram.
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