Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

All about Kyrgyzstan.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by steven »

That's still a long way away, the situation could have changed 10 times by then.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by Wesley »

That’s what I also feel like...
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by deidren »

Wesley wrote:
Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:45 pm
In line with the previous post, I just received an answer from the Dutch honorary consul in Bishkek, who stated that the situation is relatively bad in Kyrgyzstan, with hospitals overcrowding and so on, and that entry for Dutch citizens is only allowed through Manas Airport (not a word about Osh Airport). According to her, the Dostyk border crossing point is open only to holders of diplomatic passports. Seeing as the Uzbekistan part of my trip has me ending up in Andijan at the end of May anyway, I am still tempted to just go to the border and see what happens - I will tell you in June whether I could cross or not.

I’m tempted to also try. However my concern is getting stamped out of Uzbekistan, then not being permitted entry into Kyrgyzstan. Will I be stuck in no mans land forever? I had to get a sticker visa for Uzbekistan and that only permits a single entry. Hoping for a little clarity and better news regarding land borders in a few weeks
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by Utair »

A brief follow-up (from a holder of a German passport):

Entering Kyrgyzstan
I arrived to Bishkek after spending a month in Turkey on April 09th. Airline staff in Istanbul made a quick check, if all passengers had a PCR Test with them.
In front of passport control in Bishkek, they had placed a table with a woman checking the PCR Tests. The check just took a few seconds. The QR code was not verified neither in Istanbul or Bishkek.
Passport control was fast and smooth with no questions asked.

Situation in Kyrgyzstan
I felt quite safe in Turkey, people were mostly following basic hygiene rules. I view covid as a serious threat, but I think it is safe to travel when obeying basic rules.
In Kyrgyzstan no one seemed to mind covid at all. On a fully booked Bishkek-Osh flight, I was the only passenger properly wearing a mask (FFP2, of course). Some people were coughing around without even covering their mouth.

Entering Uzbekistan
Despite I have never been to Kyrgyzstan before, my main aim was actually to go to Uzbekistan. And flying into Bishkek and taking the land border a few days later at Dostyk seemed to be both a cheap and viable option.

The border is cramped and many people are crossing it. Leaving Kyrgyzstan was possible within a few minutes. In front of the Uzbek border, a young guard checked passports and PCR Tests. I had one (done at Aqualab; very easy and smooth, just drop in according to the opening hours stated on their website). He then sent me directly to passport control.
Despite required, most people did not have a PCR Test and were sent to a crowded rapid-test station. However, this seems only to be an option for people going to Uzbekistan. It was attached directly to the Uzbek border post. Alltogether, crossing the border towards Kyrgyzstan seemed to be a much more time-consuming and complicated process
It was not a issue to get a shared taxi onwards to Andijan.

Most Uzbeks are not really caring about the Corona virus very much as well. However, the situation seems much more stable than in Kyrgyzstan to me and several people are following basic hygiene rules.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by MelanieD »

Here an update about my trip in a kyrgyzstan. I've posted a few weeks ago on this forum. I am cycling in Kyrgyzstan since March 2th.
I have no idea how bad the situation about Covid is... People tell different stories. Some say there is almost no Covid because of the dry air, others say it is very bad. But I have spoken with a lot of people telling that they have had Covid, in reaction when I told that I have had Covid in the beginning of last year.
I read a post here that schools are closed. Maybe that's the case in Bishkek, but not in other places. I am now in the district of Talas and schools are open.
When I cycled in the North East I passed 2 borders of Kazachstan and asked there about the rules of crossing the border. They confirmed that I can stay longer in Kyrgystan than date the visa. I enquired also at the Kyrgystan Visa WhatsApp and they said the same: in this situation you can overstay your visa. It can change but than they will inform me. So maybe this is good to know for other people too.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by deidren »

steven wrote:
Fri Mar 26, 2021 5:44 pm
I actually did get an update today. This is from a tour operator, I have not been able to find an official source yet, did not get any confirmation from the Uzbek side either so it's definitely not certain.


Good afternoon!
The tourist season has been opened!
Travellers can fly to Kyrgyzstan through the airports of Bishkek and Osh.
Land borders are still closed, except for the Duslik border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. List of tourists who can cross this border is attached.
Travellers need to have a PCR test with a negative result, obtained no later than 72 hours before arrival.

List of countries that can cross the Duslik border

2. Georgia
3. Azerbaijan
4. Armenia
5. Belarus
6. Kazakhstan
7. Turkmenistan
8. Belgium
9. Austria
10. United Kingdom
11. Germany
12. Ireland
13. Iceland
15. Latvia
16. Lithuania
17. Liechtenstein
19. Portugal
23. Qatar
24. UAE
25. China
26. Malaysia
27.South Korea
28. Pakistan
29. Slovenia
30. Kuwait
31. Japan
32. Uzbekistan
33. Hungary

UPDATE: Can confirm- as of 5May USA passport cannot transit via land border here. Got denied and thus a big headache to get back into Uzbekistan (as could only obtain a single entry visa from the embassy). Took a few hours but I would have been remiss had I not attempted!
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