Pamir Highway Rideshare in June 2021

Share a ride on the Pamir Highway
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Pamir Highway Rideshare in June 2021

Post by geoffreypurcell »

Hello, I am going to be in Kyrgyzstan this June am looking to share a jeep to go on the Pamir Highway through Tajikistan. Is anyone interested in sharing a ride with me? My dates will be flexible so as long as it is in June it should work for me!

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Re: Pamir Highway Rideshare in June 2021

Post by Iskandar »

Hello, also I am planing a trip to Pamir, but Tajikistán land borders are close. Only you can fligth to Dushanbe and then go to Pamir in a circular trip come back to Dushanbe. I am thinking fligth from Tashkent, I am triying to go in june-july.
May be flight to Bishkek, and cross from Osh to Uzbekistan throug Dostik border post and after some days there flight to Dushanbe.
I f you have some information that the borders of Tajikistana re open please post here.
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Re: Pamir Highway Rideshare in June 2021

Post by MelanieD »

I am planning to cycle the Pamir Highway, in July or August. I am in Kyrgyzstan now. Now idea how the situation will be at that time. I am planning to go to Osh next week, maybe I can get some up to date information there.
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Re: Pamir Highway Rideshare in June 2021

Post by otzbergerboy »

I like to be there in comming July as well also cycling .
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Re: Pamir Highway Rideshare in June 2021

Post by mishra_drsk »

I am also planning for a Pamir Highway trip from Dushanbe and back to Dushanbe. But my dates are nearly fix starting on 13th June 2021 from Dushanbe and back on 20th. Would like to share and join in.
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