Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

All about Kyrgyzstan.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by Traveler78 »

End of July I´m planning to travel the Pamir Highway from Dushanbe to Osh. For entering into Kyrgzistan is required a negative PCR test no older than 72 hrs. Now is the question where to make that test? In Murghab? On the border? I`m alread vaccinated. Would it be possible to cross the border with a vaccination certificate?
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by Iskandar »

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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by Jealgu »

Don't know, but it is not unlikely. Numbers have been going up in Kyrgyzstan recently. While two/three weeks ago the most cases where in Bishkek, relatively speaking, they are now in Osh. ... _9_deaths/

178 in Bishkek, 122 in Osh. Bishkek has about one million inhabitants, Osh about 300K.

Personally I have lined up four weeks of holiday in august which I hope to spend in Kyrgyzstan, but I am postponing finalizing my plans to July to see how this pans out.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by Yahyah »

Hello! I've seen on Internet that Kyrgyzstan will accept travellers entering by air / land without a PCR test if they have been vaccinated. Does anyone know 1) if it is true and 2) if it changes anything to the list of 32 countries which can enter Kyrgyzstant by land?
Unfortunately, I am not from one of these 32 countries BUT I am vaccinated :)

Thanks a lot for your help !
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by seckinguvenc »

Hello friends,

Recently one of my friends (he is Kazakh citizen) went to Issyk Kul from Almaty with his car and he took some of his friends with him. 3 of his friends were foreigners like myself. after staying there for a weekend they tried to return back to Almaty again from the same border point (Korday). but border police told them (foreigners) that they can`t pass through land border , they can only leave Kyrgyzstan through air border. They tried to convince border police that this is nonsense and there is no logical reason for that but at the end (nearly 1.5 hours later) they gave up because border police doesn`t allow any of the foreigners to pass. Only Kazakh citizens they told that they can allow to pass.

So at the end these foreigners went to Bishkek Airport and forced to pay from Almaty to Bishkek 170 000 KZT 1 way plane ticket for only 40 minutes flight. I hope this information will be helpful to some foreigners who wants to visit Kyrgyzstan because this information can not be found anywhere else since I already searched myself a lot.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by steven »

@Yahyah - yes, this is true, but there are still many uncertainties. This does not change anything about the 32 countries that can enter by land. I am not saying anything that isn't already on the coronavirus page, so could you tell me what was not clear about what is written there that you had to ask again? Thanks!

@seckinguvenc: Thanks, very useful info!
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by frunze »

I recently did a pcr test at Aqualab to travel out of Bishkek and I would advise you to look for alternatives, such as Gemotest ( Nothing wrong with the quality of their service, but they are extremely popular at the moment and the queues are enormous and chaotic. Don't know if there are other labs, but Gemotest charges the same and offer the same waiting times. Also mind you that in addition to the price advertised in the aqualab website (1600 KGS) you are extra charged 100 KGS for the "material" they use. Same applies to Gemotest.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan coronavirus travel re-opening/restrictions Q&A

Post by MelanieD »

Just want to say that I passed successfully the Dostuk border on my way to Ouzbekistan a few days ago. I am cycling. I did the pcr test in the state laberatory in Osh (1600Kgsom) and there were no questions about the fact that there was no entry stamp in my passport so they couldn't see that I overstayed my time (I spend almost 4 months). There is still a 'Green corridor' policy, foreigners can leave the country without a fine.
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Kyrgyzstan E-Visa covid

Post by sion_sanky »

Can anyone share their experiences of applying for a Kyrgyz evisa in the recent times? I am more interested in knowing the processing time. Their support handle on whatsapp tells me that 5 days is the minimum time, but I heard from several travellers that applications are pending for more than a month, (they are neither rejecting it nor issuing the evisa)
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