Tajikistan in September

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Tajikistan in September

Post by Phi »

Hello Guys,

I will be traveling to Tajikistan in September.
The plan is to visit first Dushanbe and then khujand.

What is the best way to get from Dushanbe to Khujand? I heard that the domestic airlines aren't the most reliable. What about these shared taxis?

Where do they run from and what kind of vehicle are these usually? I'm not backpacking so I will have some suitcases to take with me.

Thanks for your help 😊
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Re: Tajikistan in September

Post by TulaCosmoline »

Definitely not worth going by plane. You could book a private taxi for the same amount of money and be there after a few hours.

There will be plenty of marshrutkas and shared taxis to Khujand, the easiest way to find them would be to get a taxi and tell the driver "marshrutka Khujand". They'll bring you to a gathering point of taxis and Marshrutkas. Depending on whether you want a marshrutka or a taxi, approach a driver and ask "Khujand?", they will either say "da Khujand" if it's on their route, or they will point you to a driver who's going that way.

If you ask a taxi driver to take you somewhere and he says "pryama", it means he's offering to take you there immediately and not wait for other passengers. The price will be higher obviously.

Marshrutkas are vans designed to function as shuttle buses, and shared taxis can be basically any vehicle (from any decade as well).

If you're not limited by budget, the most comfortable and convenient option would be to book a taxi through the app Maxim. They'll bring you directly to your destination in khujand and you're guaranteed a newer/more comfortable car and a taxi driver who doesn't smoke or try to scam you. Price as of this moment is 892 somoni, or 74 euro. There is also a train from Dushanbe to Khujand.
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Re: Tajikistan in September

Post by willemspie »

Between Dushanbe and Khujand, you have the Asia Express direct bus, or frequent shared taxis, leaving from the 'cement factory' North of town.
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