Wakhan: Hiking to Noshaq base camp

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Wakhan: Hiking to Noshaq base camp

Post by meconopsis »

I plan on visiting Wakhan in early August this year and am considering doing the 2-day hike up to the Mount Noshaq (Nowshak) Base Camp from Qazi Deh.

Here are my questions:

1. Mine field

What is the situation with the mine field and alternate trail to base camp? There are reports of an alternate trail taking a detour around the mine field(s). Is the location of the mine fields and the trail detour obvious, or is it still necessary to take a local guide?

I am not planning on doing any actual mountaineering, so I really don't need a porter for carrying equipment, etc. And the hike up to base camp is described as "easy" in several guide books. But perhaps hiring a guide is necessary anyway to avoid the mines?

2. Will I be warm enough

What are the conditions at base camp in August? I have basic trekking gear-- Hiking books, lightweight tent, 0 degree C sleeping bag with bivy bag, thin down jacket, thermal underwear, etc. I don't get cold very easily, but I obviously won't be carrying a heavy duty alpine tent or super-thick down coat, so just wondering how cold it will really get in the middle of August?

3. Is it worth the time?

Is spending 4-5 days going up to base camp and back down worth it? Or would the time be better spent in other parts of Wakhan? I have about 10 or 11 days total and was planning to spend the rest of the time walking in the valley, perhaps trying to get a ride to Qala-e Panja and then spending a few days walking the rest of the way to Sarhad-e Broghil and exploring villages before heading back to Ishkashim.

Would it be a better choice to skip Noshaq and head straight for Qala-e Panja/Sarhad-e Broghil and maybe try to make it to the first Kygyz camp or two before turning back?
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Re: Wakhan: Hiking to Noshaq base camp

Post by steven »

Afaik nobody on this forum has done what you want to do, so advice will be hard to come by here, unfortunately. You are the first i have heard of wanting to do this hike. Please let us know how it was!
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