Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Turkmen embassy in Bishkek below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Turkmen visa page.
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Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by bettyengerard »

Betty and Gerard, http://www.exploringtheworld.nl
With our Dutch passports we applied for the Turkmenistan transit-visa at Turkmen Embassy in Bishkek on Tuesday 7-7-2015. We had to fill in 2 different applicationforms on the spot and to handover a handwritten "urgent" request for transit-visa (incl. names, passportnrs, date and port of entry, date and port of exit, planned route) together with color-copies of passports, visa Iran and visa Uzbekistan and 2 passport photo's.
One week later, 14-7-2015, went back to the embassy, got a document for paying $55 p.p. at the KICB-Bank. Then we got our transit-visa for 5 days from K-Urgenc to Howdan like we asked for.
Turkmenistan Embassy in Bishkek
9, Baitik Baatyr Street (south of the city)
tel: +996 312 881 232
N42.8125 E074.59353

- we just went up to the embassy and via the guard we got an appointment that same day at 15.00 h.
- if you e-mail [email protected] you can apply for visa before coming to Bishkek.
- 22-06-2015: Went to the Turkmen Consulate in Almaty to apply for transit-visa from K-Urgenc to Howdan (see above). The man simply said that we had to apply for a tourist-visa (LOI and guide needed!) for that route. Transit-visa only for Farab - Sarahs!
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek in one week

Post by Brando »

It took us 10 days. 7-6-15, 7-16-15 U.S. Passports (maybe why?) 55 USD we asked for urgent processing. Consular hours for applications. Mon, tues, thurs, fri 10-12 and 15-17 (3-5)
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by WorldWideWebster »

I emailed the address given above. Alina contradicted the information above; no advance application is available through Bishkek's consulate via email. You must apply and pick up in person, both in Bishkek (no apply one place pick up another). I just emailed back to see if she knew if any crossings were not available, and what current turnover time is.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by aaronfreed »

this embassy is a challenge to find. google maps is wrong...it takes you to 9A batik batyr. continue south of the city until you are convinced that you have gone to far...and then start looking (it's on the left after a large bend to the west after crossing aaly tokombaev). the guard in the shack made a call, and then gave me permission to press a button at the front gate. i was let in and met by a woman who spoke excellent english. she assisted as i spoke to the consular officer.

on the spot, i was summarily denied a transit visa. my plan was to cross into turkmenistan from bukhara, head across the country (merv to ashgabat to turkmenbashi) and then head up to aktau. i was told that such an itinerary did not meet the criteria for 'transit' as one can get to aktau from uzbekistan without having to enter turkmenistan. i asked whether or not i would qualify for a transit visa if i were to change my itinerary to take a ferry from turkmenbashi to baku, she said 'yes'. so, i went to secure my azeri visa so that i could reapply. given time restrictions, i'll have to apply from dushanbe. and unfortunately, the woman was explicit: you must pick up the transit visa from the same place that you apply for it (at least here in bishkek).
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Leelicious »

Dutch passport, filled in the form just like how they wanted.
Wrote the letter just like they said.
They assured me everything was alright.
Had to call back every day 3 times for about a week and a half.
And got refused in the end without a reason.

Ok Turkmenistan, after applying at 3 different embassies, you finally win.
I will not go to your country
Happy now?

Hey Steven, I finally managed to log in.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Mathilde »

With 2 french passeports, we applied for a 5 days transit visa. (June 2016) from Farap to Sarakhs.
We called the embassy 1 week later and the women said the visa was ready.
Now, Google maps is right.
We met a guy who asked to collect the visa in another embassy and it was OK, but for us it was not possible...
We are cycling but we didn't mention it, we said that we are travelling by bus.
We met another french guy who applied for 5 days and he got 6 days!!
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Cam »

Hi all,

I applied for my Turkmen transit visa in Bishkek, to be picked up in Dushanbe, about 4 weeks ago. After a few phone calls today I got an email with what seems an invitation in the form of an attachment. All details are correct, but I can't see my entry and exit dates. Anyone know what I'm expected to do now? Do I just take the letter to the embassy in Dushanbe and they give me the visa with the dates I originally specified? I'm assuming this is a fairly quick process...

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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Tom27 »

February 2017 - application transit Visa

Adress is still correct on google maps, about 150 Som from corner Manas and Chuy for one way taxi.
Opening hours: 10.00 - 12.30, no appointment needed.

You can only apply 14 days ahead. Unfortunately I can't let you know if it was successfully as I found out of the 14 day rule when I was 20 days before my intended entry date. (I will now apply in Tashkent)
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Bishkek

Post by Jibe »

Applied yesterday, didn't have the 14 days rule, i asked them if i could enter Turkmenistan the 15 of march, they said "ok no problem"
I wanted to apply for konye urgench but they didnt want to (farap ok), i asked artyk to exit.
Wait for the answer (seven working days they said), didnt ask to pick-up the visa in another embassy or e-mail sytem.
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