Pakistan tourist visa for Georgian (Pak. embassy not respond)

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Pakistan tourist visa for Georgian (Pak. embassy not respond)

Post by 3times_around »

Anyone with such experience?

No Pak embassy in Georgia.
Pak embassy in Europe says embassy in Azerbaijan or Turkey is responsible....and of course they don;t respond

Requirements , supposedly, for Georgian citizen include the usual , plus
a) medical tests
b) No Objection Certificate ... BEFORE applying for the Visa
(1) so it seems you need to know someone who locally who will run around and get it ... or effectively need to book a "tour"
(2) these stories of road travel from Iran-Pakistan and getting the NOC once inside Pakistan , seem to be available for some countries such those in Europe?? or is that a regional NOC (in addition to a national NOC?) So, in other words, what these land travelers reports on may not be possible for everyone.
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Re: Pakistan tourist visa for Georgian (Pak. embassy not respond)

Post by steven »

1) This could mean that you need to book a tour. First time I read about it.

2) This is really only for travel inside Baluchistan.
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