Turkmenistan: Change of Exit Border?

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Re: Turkmenistan: Change of Exit Border?

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So this is what heppened to us:

We applied for Altyn-Asyr exit point which meant the one on the way between Etrek in TKM and Gorgan in Iran. On the arrival they gave us a shitty map with a route drawn on it but we didnt look carefully on it.

When we were heading to Altyn Asyr it came out, there is a mistake on the paper map and the route says we should exit TKM on Bajgiran border point (while it was ALtyn Asyr in visas). After short time all checkpoints let us go, but at the border they told us we violated the route. They didnt care what we have in the visas (Altyn Asyr). They told us that Bajgiran point is also commonly called Altyn-Asyr (obviously bullshit) and we should have to obey what we had on the map. It was obviously the mistake of the officer who drawn the map but they didn't care. We had to pay some bullshit fee or go back. As the road was terrible, we preferad to pay. We tried to argue that is was not our mistake and we did everything right but they just pretended to care and eventually we had to pay.

So looks like it is possible to exit with another border but it will cost (we paid 45$).
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