Share transport? Karkara Kegen route to return to Almaty.

Share rides, hikes & tours in KG. Find partners for Torugart crossing to Kashgar.
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Share transport? Karkara Kegen route to return to Almaty.

Postby pete_m » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:24 pm

I just arrived in Karakol,
I'm planning to take the Karkara Kegen route to return to Almaty.

I wonder if there is anyone around interested in sharing transport heading this way next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.. 18/19/20 September, I'd be happy to hear from you. I'm one person, staying near the Bazaar.
I've been quoted 3000som by a couple of taxi drivers to the border then( from elsewhere on here) seemingly 20usd to Kegen.
I suppose there are also some offers to cross the border, probably expensive. ( I saw a tour that crosses to Karkara Kazakhstan side for an overnight- waiting to hear from them...)
I'm going to see if there's transport from Kegen to Saty/ Kolsai, but it's not looking likely, and getting cold perhaps.
So shared taxi to Almaty from Kegen- if we find a taxi together we could perhaps take the taxi just between us and so be able to make stops on the way ( Charyn Canyon detour?).
Any transport and route options welcome.
All the best,
A big thank you to Caravanistan for this great resource which has guided my planning on this trip.
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