Smoking in Turkmenistan

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Smoking in Turkmenistan

Postby Bakhtiyark » Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:52 am

From what i see smoking is relatively rare in Turkmenistan and almost none-existant among females, however there are little things you should probably know. Cigarettes are in short supply, and were so for a long time, there are tales among Urgench inhabitants about how they were able to fill their tanks with gasoline for a couple of cigarettes.

1) It is possible to "expedite" the land border crossing by giving a couple of cigarettes to guards. Temir-Baba border crossing is literally empty with a couple of trucks crossing every-so-often, however they can process your entry as lo-o-o-o-ong as they please, a couple of cigarettes immediately brightens the mood and you'll make it to Turkmenistan much quicker. Not sure if the trick works on Dashoguz - Urgench border as it is much busier.
2) Shops that sell cigarettes are few and far between and they tend to offer only low to mid-end Russian or Turkish brands.
3) Police officers tend to be very interested in cigarettes, so don't smoke near them, as they might "confiscate" them for whatever reason. Arguing with police officers is completely useless, so the solution would be to carry a nearly empty package with a couple of cigarettes left to hand it to the officers in case if something like that occurs.
4) While flying by Turkmenistan Airlines, please note that there is a good chance that the cigarettes will be "seized".
5) Some services can be paid by cigarettes, like having a haircut etc.
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