gps forbidden in China?

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gps forbidden in China?

Post by Nehale »

When I was in China in 2016, it was forbidden to bring a GPS into the country. I have been searching if this information is still accurate. Is it still forbidden?
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Re: gps forbidden in China?

Post by litesport »

I have one for paragliding and I have a Zumo for my motorcycle, I live in Beijing.
I think they've given up on that what with phones having inbuilt GPS.
It's the waypoints that might get you in trouble.
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Re: gps forbidden in China?

Post by Kalpazan »

Think, nowadays they mostly care about satellite phones as those can't be tapped into.
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Re: gps forbidden in China?

Post by NomadWanderer »

So GPS is generally okay now as long as it doesn't have sensitive waypoints stored? I'll probably play it safe and travel without storing anything sensitive just in case.
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