Pamir Highway scheduled route

Share a ride on the Pamir Highway
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Pamir Highway scheduled route

Post by jrubiohervas »


I am a Spanish guy, male, 36, doing the Pamir Highway from Osh to Dushanbe from 17 to 24 June. Anyone interested in sharing transportation? We can get it from 475 USD including driver + transport (4-passenger 4×4 Jeeps), driver’s meals and accommodation, fuel, and taxes.

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Re: Pamir Highway scheduled route

Post by dennisweeb »

We are 2 guys doing it June 23 to July 2 if you can delay. We have the same price I think but for 10 days instead of 8.
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Re: Pamir Highway scheduled route

Post by Dorismandu »

Hi !
I am a solo traveler from France. I would be interested in Joining if you are still looking for people to complete the group. In terms of dates I'm flexible but I think earliest for me would be around the 20th of June.


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Re: Pamir Highway scheduled route

Post by inesdhv »

Hi! Super interested to hear where you found these pieces, as I’ve only been able to find a 10 day tour for around -$1000? I would be wanting to go around the first week of July but cannot confirm yet as I am waiting for my visa to get approved.
Thank you in advance!
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