Embassy reports: China visa from Tbilisi

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Re: Embassy reports: China visa from Tbilisi

Postby kunibald » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:01 am

Good news and bad news here.
I was able to apply for an tourist visa last week (german passport holder) without residence permit, but with questions asked regarding my stay in georgia. Today I got my visa, so that worked out. The bad news is, contrary to ArbitraryAmbitions and other peoples experiences, they changed their policies again and only give 30 days single entry for tourist visa. I had an itinerary and bookings for 2x50 days, but no discussion. Three month turnaround. Same for other applicants.
They also wanted to have that proof of employment either in english or translated with validation from notar (my diploma would have worked as well, but I wouldn't count on that). One picture, bookings, plane tickets, proof of employment, filled out form, 61 Lari. Everything was checked carefully. Prepare a story why you are employed in your home country while being a resident in georgia, because that can cause confusion.
I arrived at something like 7:50, and there were already something like 50 people. No waiting line, but the system works as following: You ask for the last person that arrived, make contact, and then watch out for the next person to come. This will be your place in line. If you don't do that, you will probably have problems of applying, since most of the people follow this system. Nevertheless, some tried to skip and finally entered the embassy without being the one in line and things got heated up to a point where people stormed the embassy and security had to step in. Therefore I would advise you to be there around 6 AM or even earlier, to have a safe place and get out before the crowd gets nervous. Usually, they close at 12, and the people still waiting can try again the next day.
The system for pickup works similar. Arrive early and get your place in the pickup waiting line. Once inside, you have to pay the money at the machine and then wait for your passport to be prepared.
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Re: Embassy reports: China visa from Tbilisi

Postby grahammb_315 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:51 am

March 2019: British guy successful application for double 30 day entry tourist visa in Tbilisi embassy, valid for 6 months. Go to their website, fill out form fully and bring required documents (including LOI which I requested from a hotel). I also provided flight itinerary (not bought tickets, just as far as the flight website let me go without paying), bank statements and hotel bookings. Go to embassy early. No residence permit. No questions about Turkish stamp in passport. 3 day turnaround cost 90 GEL.
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Re: Embassy reports: China visa from Tbilisi

Postby dave_nidda » Sun May 12, 2019 4:35 pm

May 2019:
Handed in the same documents as Graham in March 2019 but only got a single entry with 3 months validity. They said that you only can get a single entry if it is the first time you visit china.. Makes no sense to me..
No residence permit needed. Just said that I can stay in Georgia for 1 year and plan to live there. No questions about any passport stamps.
Applied on friday, picked up on monday. 100GEL.
Italian citizen.
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Re: Embassy reports: China visa from Tbilisi

Postby olig » Fri May 17, 2019 8:32 am

Hi Dave,
you also had to bring a LOI ? which Chinese ho(s)tel(s) would you recommend to ask for?
I am on my way to Tbilisi so very interested by your feedback!!
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