Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Postby kappazeta » Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:39 am

Two Italians, applied and picked up in Tehran, 10 exact days, 10 dollars each when we applied and 45 each when we picked up. Everybody at the embassy very helpful and flexible.

We arrived 1 minute before closing time to apply and they accepted our application, no problem (they just checked the copy of Iranian visas and gave it back to us right away), we just had to ring the bell and wait a little bit. We try to call the day before going to pick them up but nobody answered, when we arrived at 10:30 there was a sign saying that just on that day they were open until 10. Again we rang the bell, we asked and we gave our names (we didn't have a reference number), visas were ready, we payed and picked them up. There is a very helpful young woman that speaks good English. 5 days, dates as from our application forms.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Postby TwoItalians » Tue May 14, 2019 8:43 am

Two italian passports, applied for Transit visa via e mail at the embassy in Italy/Rome more than 2 month in advance. After 4 or 5 phone calls to the embassy in Rome we got an e mail with a reference number. They told us in the embassy that this number should be valid either at the turkmen consulate in Tehran or Mashad or directly at the border. We got the 5 day transit visa in Tehran on the same day (April 13, 2019) paying express charge (55 USD each, 10 Euros each paid already in Italy). After showing the reference number in the morning, we got it at 5 p.m. Very friendly young woman.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Postby Weltentakt » Wed May 15, 2019 1:42 pm

I applied today in Teheran.
They have a new form which you need to bring with you!
They don’t hand it out ...
You can get it from: http://migration.gov.tm/en/
Go to “foreign citizen” -> “Visa Registration and extension” and then download the pdf and fill it out.
At the end press the “generate qr code” button.
Example of how to fill out the form:
1st page
The person in the counter pointed out that the “inviting party” is very important (just copy the name from the example).


2nd page
You also should have an application letter for your transit visa in a specific form:
When you come by bike, motorcycle or car you should write this also.
They give you a form to fill out and you need to have 2 passport pictures and a colored copy of your passport.
And of course pay 10 Dollars 😉

Hope this helps :)
I will see if it worked for me in 10 days ☺️
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Postby sfymoises » Thu May 16, 2019 7:40 am

Weltentakt's post is very useful, thanks.

I plan to cross border from Dashoguz to Khiva, so which exit point should I choose in the form?

And, this application letter still by written or just print it out?
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Postby hh2sg » Mon May 20, 2019 12:48 pm

We picked up our visas in Tehran today! Paid $45/person upon collection (on top of the $10/person we paid when we applied). We initially said we will collect in Mashhad, but we called them to check if we could pick it up in Tehran and they said we can pick it up anywhere (in Iran, we assume).

The number we called to check the status of our application is +982122206731. One time, someone picked up the call, and the second time, a machine picked up the call (no more ring tone), we pressed 111 and it started ringing again, and then someone picked up the call.

The sample written letter also seems to be updated now:
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