Khorgos border crossing Q&A (Almaty - Urumqi)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Khorgos border crossing Q&A (Almaty - Urumqi)

Postby LiangPingPiJiu » Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:22 pm

Hi @all,

I already read a lot in this forum so I decided to register today :)

I also wanna go from Almaty to China this May again.
Before, in 2017, I took the direct Bus from Almaty to Urumqi already and everything was fine. But since thats only a transit step for me I already wanna buy my connecting train tickets in China in advance this time, so I need to be sure, when I will arrive in China.
So I did a lot of research, but it seems to be impossible to buy train or bus tickets for the bordercrossing in advance online.

So my plan is now to buy kazakh train tickets to Altynkol and than walk to Korgos. Does anyone here knows whether thats possible, to cross by walking?
If this Altynkol station is really the one you can see on google maps (incl. satellite) and OSM, that would be a bit more than 10km walking, that would be ok for me :)

Would be glad, of anyone could help!
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Re: Khorgos border crossing Q&A (Almaty - Urumqi)

Postby steven » Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:09 am

Maybe you can walk, otherwise you might have to take the bus. Just follow instructions once you get theree.
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Re: Khorgos border crossing Q&A (Almaty - Urumqi)

Postby LiangPingPiJiu » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:13 am

Hi Steven,

thanks for your response! :)
Do you mean a lokal bus close to the border? Are there busses you can hop on?
Btw.: Is there a lunch break known for this border crossing? Couldn't find anything here.
But I should be quite early, since the train 393Т from Almaty arrrives at 07:34 at Altynkol.
The train arriving at 15:17 could be a bit late I thought.

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Re: Khorgos border crossing Q&A (Almaty - Urumqi)

Postby campingoncloudnine » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:24 pm

Hi everyone,

We just crossed the border between China and Kazachstan at Khorgos - and Nur Zholy.

We took the overnight train from the Urumqi high speed train station to Khorgos (Huo'erguosi). It is a normal train and it will take about 9 hours and cost 170 yuan. You will arrive early morning in Khorgos (huoerguosi) . Khorgos is a little far from the train station, but there are taxis once you arrive. We paid 30 yuan, but you could probably pay less if you bargain. If you tell the driver you go to kazachstan he drops you at the bus station. You can change money there (1rmb = 53 tenge) and there are good places for breakfast. The bus station opens at 9 in the morning and you can buy tickets to Zharkent (it is not possible to cross the border on foot so you need transportation). Tickets are 70 yuan and busses leave when full. We had to wait three hours.

The bus drives you to the border where you have to get off and show your passport before entering the border area. Then there are two security checks for baggage and then you get stamped out of china. Once you have the exit stamp you need to give away your phone and they will scroll trough your photos. Nothing got deleted on our phones and we just had to wait for 20 minutes. Then the bus drives you to the Kazach side which is much more straightforward. You get the stamp and have to put your baggage on a scale. Then you are welcomed into Kazachstan. The bus will take you to zharkent from where you can take a bus or taxi to Almaty. We met some Kazakh on the way there who took us for free from the Kazakh border to Almaty by taxi. The ride took about 4 hours.

We arrived in Almaty around 6 pm (almaty local time which is two hours earlier than China). Our train that morning arrived at 7.45 am at Khorgos Station so it takes a long time. If there is a train that arrives later at Khorgos it is better to take that one. The
border opens at 10.30 (Beijing time).

The border crossing is not too difficult and definitely possible, it just takes some time. But it is much cheaper than a flight or a train from urumqi!

Alissa and Ewald
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Re: Khorgos border crossing Q&A (Almaty - Urumqi)

Postby LiangPingPiJiu » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:29 pm

Hi Alissa and Ewald,

thanks for your report!
How do you know, that it's not possible to cross the border on foot, are you sure?
Thats exactly what I planned to do :|

Best wishes,
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