Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

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Re: Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Iranian visa on arrival at the Armenian-Iranian border below.

We summarize all info on the Iran visa page - section VOA.
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Re: Caucasus (Armenia)-Iran border crossing

Post by yuutv »

i am malaysia passport holder,
can i get the a visa on arrival in the Nordooz - Agarak border?

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Wegen van de wereld
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Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by Wegen van de wereld »

Hey all,

This might be a good thing: I asksed at the Meghri-Noordoz (Armenia-Iran) border about a VOA. It was possible and would cost €50,- for 15 days. He said it was not official, but with 'him' we could do it.
So, not official and not always, but worth a try if you have to wait 2 weeks in Yerevan waiting for your LOI....
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Visa expert
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Re: Visa on Arrival at IRAN

Post by Crazydre »

Well, the fact that there were even visa Stickers at the border means it's technically possible. Great News indeed!
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Tajikistan expert
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Re: Visa on Arrival at IRAN

Post by Pamirski »

I asked the same at that border (they have a visa booth) beginning of may and was told, that the VOA from that border would be only valid for 5 days.
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Re: Visa on Arrival at IRAN

Post by argos »

A friend of mine crossed the land border from Armenia into Iran without a visa in advance or authorization code in September 2016. He is a Swiss passport holder. Could stay for 1 month if I remember correctly. One thing to keep in mind is that they can only issue your visa during (Iranian) business hours. So don't forget to check for Iranian holidays, and keep in mind that the weekend is different from other countries.
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Re: Visa on Arrival at IRAN

Post by lapage »

I got a 30 days visa at the Armenian border (Agarak next to Meghri) yesterday.
I have a French passport. I paid 75€. They tried to sell me an Insurance for 500 Drame (~1€), but since I had already one, I refused.
There is an official visa office there, and the visa delivery seemed official, nothing like shadowingly corrupting some border guy.

When I arrived, and asked for a visa on arrival,they made me wait for 15 minutes until some official visa delivery guy came and open the visa office. On the visa office the written opening hours were written 9 to 17 From Saturday to Wednesday.
But the official told me that he was not there every day as he was most of the time working at the Tabriz airport.
He asked me to write here that online visa at E_VISA.MFA.IR (on the printed sign showing the address /index had been added manually at the end, but it seems to lead to a 404 page) should be preferred and coming here without calling before in the hope he would be there was not advised.

He also told me that I would have had to pay 50€ in an embassy (against 75€ here).
I had only 50€ notes but could get change at the border change office.

No Letter of invitation or agency code were required. No question was asked about how I would leave Iran, and not reservation were required.
He partially filled the form with me, answering only the identity related question and leaving the rest blank. (Have I ever been sick ?, what was I planning to see in Iran ?, In which country have I been ? ...).
He asked where I would be staying, I said I would be traveling but my probable next stop (I had no reservation though) would be an hotel in Tabriz from which I had the name and the address. He wrote the name of the hotel on the form, but didn't need the address.

Unlike in most physical border I crossed, the people working there were very friendly and polite.

After having crossed, some taxi driver went to me and asked if I wanted to take a taxi. A guard nearby translated it to me and asked weather I was willing to take the taxi or if I would rather go by auto stop.
I asked if auto stop was legal, he said yes.
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Re: Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by ave-phil »

I've just met guy with russian pasport who was waiting for a council for 5 days on Armenian border.
At first, council said to that russian guy, that he will came to Armenian border from Tabriz airport (where he spends most of the time giving visas on arival) same days later. But on fifth day of waiting council said that he will not come, and it is better to get the visa in embassy.

Also russian guy gave me the phone number of council that works in Tabriz airport and Armenian boarder.
Here it is: 00989102004795 (Amiri)
And also office number: 00984142086225

So what I've understand. Getting visa on arrival on Armenian boarder is issue of probability. I've tried to call the council but there is only answering machine. If you ask me, the most reliable way to ger Iranian visa is old style one through tour operator.
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Re: Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by JefandKat »

We arrived at the Agarak border two weeks ago (29th of april 2017), acting as if we never knew there could be a problem with obtaining a visum there..
The first day we were sent back but the guys at the border were very friendly and called Mr. Amiri so we could talk to him.
After lecturing us a bit about it being impossible to get a visum at the border and telling us we'd have to go back to Yerevan, he agreed to come over on the next day since we were travelling by bicycle.
The next morning we waited about an hour for him to arrive and once he was there everything seemed to go pretty smoothly at first. Another traveller showed up as well, happy he'd arrived at the right moment.
After filling in the forms (Mr. Amiri informed us we could 'only' get 30 days there and would have to extend afterwards), unfortunately things got a bit complicated and one reason after another popped up that made things ever more difficult. We assumed he was putting on a bit of a show to make sure we wouldn't try again and would inform other travellers that it was very very difficult to get a visum at the border, all the while pointing to the sheet with the useless website that was hanging at the wall..
In total this took about four hours, first everything seemed alright except for the fact that we didn't have papers for our bikes, then these papers didn't seem to matter anymore but they could only give us seven days.. He kept walking out to phone and coming back, eventually telling us fourteen days was the maximum he could give..
We kept talking and pleading with him as he realized 14 days was never enough to cross the country and arrange our further visa, and he remained very friendly at all times (as did we, which seemed to help a lot) but in the end (after numerous phone calls) he left us with the two options of accepting the fourteen days or going back to Yerevan and arrange the visum there.
Since this second option wouldn't work for us (my sister was visiting us in iran sooner than we could get to yerevan and back and do the entire procedure), we reluctantly accepted the fourteen days, only half believing Mr. Amiri's repeated guarantee that we would easily get a 30 days extension in Tehran.. This morning proved us wrong as we indeed got a 30 day extension with no questions asked :)

But so, it seems it is getting a bit more difficult to get a 30 day visum at the Agarak border, be it because Mr. Amiri is tired of it or because of the elections he mentioned a few times, in any case our first few days in Iran were a lot more stressful than they could and should have been because of the whole situation. Of course our long extension to a short visum is great news but if you have the time to arrange your visum in advance we'd recommend you to take in Tbilisi or Yerevan for a couple of days and enter Iran care-free instead of risking some annoying and stressful hours or even days..
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Re: Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by Jaysun »

I called Amiri yesterday to see if I could get a VOA at the border. He told me it is impossible. He is now based in Tehran. Again, he told me to used the online visa application (he even texted me the link) and told me to fly from Yerevan to Tehran to get the visa that way. Amiri was very friendly.

Though this doesn't help me as I have a no fly policy. So killing time in Armenia until my LOI is approved ...

He also said (if I flew) that it was 145 Euro's for an Australian passport.
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