Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by Tatjana-vanderS »

Hi there!

Me and my boyfriend are currently doing a tour around central asia. We just arrived in Dushanbe and planned on taking the flight to Khorog somewhere in the next few days, but just read here that the usual flight is grounded. We are going to check later today at the Tajik Air office.
I understand there is still the possibility to charter the helicopter for around $800, so we thought that if we could share the cost with other travelers, that might be an option. What would be the best way to get in contact with other people looking for a flight to Khorog? Are there maybe any people here that are planning to go to Khorog on 7-8-9-10 October?

We've been to the Tajik Air office to check whether there would be a flight going to Khorog and it turns out there will be! Apparently the plane is flying again. We were helped by a very nice guy named Jovid(?), who spoke English very well. He told us to put our names on a list with our phone numbers, and he called us around 3 PM to let us know that the plane would be flying tomorrow. So now we have two tickets for the flight of 8 AM. Btw, we specifically checked whether we will be flying with the plane of with the helicopter, and he assured us that it is the plane (Antonov, with room for 17 people).
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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by Taraf »

Hi All,

Thought this might be a useful update - as per the email above, a few travelling companions managed to get the flight from khorog to Dushanbe on the 10th October, having put their names on the 'list' at Khorog airport the previous morning. I did not fare so well on the 11th, having put my name down on the 10th- when I turned up, the plane was delayed, and then was eventually told after a couple of hours wait that it would not be running that day. Got the impression it had not left Dushanbe due to lack of demand. So seems like it's back to business as usual for the flights - you never quite know if you'll fly or not! Though at least they seem to not sell you a ticket in Khorog until they know the flight has left Dushanbe.

Luckily I got one of the last shared taxis leaving Khorog at about midday and made the journey by road.
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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by andreahli »

We took the An-28 flight from Khorug to Dushanbe yesterday (7 November 2017) - an amazing trip. Some details below:

Getting a ticket

We walked to the airport from town and were lucky to meet a local at the airport who helped us arrange the tickets. They were 681 somoni each. We didn't get to fly on the first day we could have (a Monday and Public Holiday) because not enough people bought tickets in Dushanbe. But we did get to fly the second day.

Notice on whether the plane is running should be available at 9AM the morning of the flight. The plane should then fly at 11AM. However, this has not been the case in our experience. We waited till 12PM on the first day for a definite no-go, and then 11AM the following day for a go. Our flight left around 1:30PM.

We recommend that you have your bags packed and ready in any event. Once you receive notification that the flight is going, you may not have much time to get to the ticket counter to purchase your ticket. We are unsure if the list definitely reserves your ticket versus others who purchase by walking up to the counter. We took a Marshuka (#3) to the airport that cost us 3 somoni each (recommend you double check with the driver as routes may change). Traffic around the bazaar can be chaotic so budget 20 minutes to get to the airport.

Note that the ticket counter is not in the airport building - it is at the rear of the closest two-storey building to the airport, on the other side of the road. If you can't find it, ask in the airport and they will show you.

For assistance with tickets, you can also get in contact with the tourist information centre in Khorug City Park. We didn't use them, but they seemed happy to help.


We both had a bit over 10Kg of baggage, which they did weigh when were boarding. You may be charged extra for amounts over. We recommend you let the ticket counter know in advance to avoid having to go back to the ticket counter after boarding. You cannot pay for excess baggage in the airport building itself.


The plane is configured in a 2-1 seating configuration, with single seats down the left hand side, and twin seats down the right hand side. We sat on the left hand side in the first two seats, and had an amazing view of Afghanistan for most of the flight. We could also see out the cockpit windows, as the cockpit door is left open during the flight so that the sole cabin attendant can sit on a seat wedged between the two pilots.

That being said, the view out the right hand side seemed equally impressive, and the windows are big so you can see out both sides from pretty much any seat in the plane (including the aisle seats on the right hand side). Seating is unassigned, and there isn't much of a formal boarding queue, so be prepared to dash across the tarmac if you want a particular seat.


Your fellow passengers will likely include some professionals from Dushanbe having business in Khorug. They will typically speak English, and will be able to help if you run into any language issues.
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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by adamweiss71 »

I spent June 3-5 trying to take the Khorog to Dushanbe bit, but no luck. It went on June 2. On June 4 it took off from Dushanbe but had to turn around due to changing weather conditions. Everything is more or less the same as what others have reported - definitely call (or have your hostel call if no Russian) the morning of the flight to see if it is a possibility or not. The manager of my Hostel worked for a tourism office in Khorog, and she said she has noticed a decrease in how often the flight goes recently, but I have no data to back that up. Maybe with the increased demand tourism season in the next couple months it will ramp back up.. there were only four people trying to get on the flight from Khorog during that three day window. We can only hope!
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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by steven »

I haven't updated yet because I have been traveling, but will also add that there is now a Cessna flying between Dushanbe and Khorog for 250$

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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by xitobal »

hello All,

We plan travelling the Pamir Highwy during Aug'2019. Is the flight Khorog-Dushanbe still stopped, or is it running again?
I guess a family (2 adulst 3 kids) would have trouble fitting in the small plane, anyway?
thx in advance,
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Khorogh Airport and Tajik Air bankruptcy

Post by Stamnes »


I was wondering what happends with the Dushanbe-Khorogh route since the Tajik Air bankruptcy. Did Somon Air or someone else continue the route?
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Re: Khorogh Airport and Tajik Air bankruptcy

Post by Nazrulo »

Hello there, (I am a local from Khorog)
After the Tajik Air bankruptcy (they intended to resume their flights in the beginning of April) but according to the latest news they aren't showing any initiative. No other airlines including Somon Air is not operating in Dushanbe -Khorog route. Exceptions could be only charter flights plus the helicopter service of the Aga Khan Development Network (2 small heli with 9 seats) which is not a commercial flight and operates only for the organisation purpose and mission.
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Re: Khorogh Airport and Tajik Air bankruptcy

Post by AreWeThereYet? »

I think they also needed a quasi-VTOL airplane for that route. Tajik Air had an An28 if I remember well.
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Re: Dushanbe - Khorog flight Q&A

Post by P.Smurfy »

Dear fellow travellers,

does anybody have recent information about the flight from Khorog to Dushanbe? I would like to take it beginning of June if possible. Hope so!

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