Is my medication allowed in Uzbekistan? Q&A

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Re: Is my medication allowed in Uzbekistan? Q&A

Postby DJJ » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:03 pm

Just to clarify....I don't know about other states in the US, but New York State (where I live) requires that doctors send digital orders direct to pharmacies. (I'm told there are some exceptions to this, but I haven't seen or held a doctor's "script" in YEARS.) Hence my question....

From your and other reassuring comments, it sounds like the medication I take that's on the restricted list will now be ok across the land long as it's in a properly labeled container and (even better) supported by a pharmacy "docket" I can obtain showing the doctor's name and prescribing information. And that, in light of the country's new "green lane" attitude, visitors are no longer required to declare their restricted medicine.
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Re: Is my medication allowed in Uzbekistan? Q&A

Postby MarkPanama » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:52 pm

I take diazepam for flying, a restricted medicine in Uzbekistan. Armed with a copy of my prescription plus a doctor's letter I completed a customs declaration form on arrival at Tashkent airport. It wasn't obvious who to approach for approval - an official next to the X-Ray machines just before the exit processed and stamped my forms (in duplicate) but didn't search my luggage.

I was more concerned with crossing land borders where it sounded like bag searches are more thorough and officials hawkish. However at the Samarkand-Penjikent border the officials couldn't have been less interested in my declaration form if they tried - it was just handed back to me on leaving Uzbekistan.

I didn't declare anything on entering or leaving Tajikistan, and returned to Samarkand the same day. Again I was concerned about the upcoming land border crossing at Nukus-Konye Urgench border (Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan), and wanted to ensure I had an official stamped form at the Penjikent-Samarkand border.

But as the Uzbek officials handed back my original form I decided not to complete another one when returning via Penjikent. I got the impression no officials would have known what to do anyway, and no-one asked about currency/medicines etc. So I re-entered Uzbekistan with my original declaration form. Obviously there's no guarantee this will work for everyone, and different officials may do things differently. But I definintely got the impression, at that border at least, that it wasn't a concern.

On leaving Uzbekistan again, at Nukus-Konye Urgench for Turkmenistan, no bag search occurred and no-one checked my declaration form. In Turkmenistan I declared the diazepam on their form. Officials read it then did a quick bag search - they asked to see the diazepam packet, after which they said it didn't need declaring. They kept the declaration form.

So all in all I had no problems. I also declared currency as I had over $2,000 cash but that wasn't a problem either.
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