Cycling - Kashgar to Tehran

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Cycling - Kashgar to Tehran

Post by Mikecurran7 »


My girlfriend and I are currently travelling China. We are planning to cycle home from Kashgar to Ireland. We are both inexperienced cyclists but are reasonably fit. We have plenty of time so can go a little slower if needs be.

We are planning to do the following;

- Start August - Kashgar to Osh - 5 days
- Go to Bishek and do some hiking and explore Kyrgyzstan
- Late August - Osh to Dushanbe - 30/40 days (will explore Tajikistan as we go)
- Start October - Dushanbe to Ashgabat via Uzbekistan - 40 days (will explore Uzbekistan as we go)
- Mid November - Ashgabat to Tehran - 45 days (will explore Iran as we go)
- Stary January - Tehran to Turkey

A few questions;

1) are we nuts or is it achievable?
2) will the weather be okay roughly when we are passing the above places
3) what are the major challanges we will encounter - eg. bike parts that commonly fail/break
4) any tips for us inexperienced cyclists?

Thanks for any help given.

Michael and Sarah
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Re: Cycling - Kashgar to Tehran

Post by Radelman »

Many people are heading from Europe to china by bicycle. Turkmenistan visa may can be a hassle and you have to get all the visas (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran somewhere before. So plan a lot of Time in Duschanbe or Bishkek to get it.
North Iran in winter can be very cold. I cycled last November from Tabriz to Tehran and it was never over 5°. Turkey the same but with the right clothes no problem. Can say the weather is like Europe in winter. Spare parts you can get in Tehran if something breaks.

Have fun and enjoy your trip! Cycling is A wonderful way to travel!
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Re: Cycling - Kashgar to Tehran

Post by Pamirski »

I would shift a bit, we were cycling last year in Iran in May and it was fine, I think April will also be ok for going into the Caucasus, but before it is winter. A lot of cyclists stay the winter in Iran and Oman, that's what I would do.
In 2013 we cycled also from China to Turkey, but already in October it is getting wet in the Caucasus, but Turkey was fine, especially in the south. We took transport in Usbekistan and Turkmenistan as we did not want to be to late in the Caucasus. For the landscape Usbekistan and Turkmenistan on a transit route is not so interesting, there are better parts, where you should spend your time (Kyrgystan and Pamir).
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