tadjikistan / pamir - trip itinerary review

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tadjikistan / pamir - trip itinerary review

Post by raphik »

Hi guys!

This is my first post here... We (me and my gf) are planning a 4 weeks trip in Tadjikistan with our main focus on the pamir highway and "surroundings".
We would like to start in Osh and end in Dushanbe (meaning we fly back from there...).
Our main goals are the Bartang Valley, the Tajik Wakhan Corridor, Murgab and some sights in between on the Pamir highway.
So far we planned 18 days for the Osh to Khorog part... The rest is for flexibility, to stretch some things or just enjoy some other places afterwards.

I read a lot about long driving times (we plan to hire a driver) so it would be great if you could look at our current plan and may give us some feedback if this is too stressful or if it should be okay.

FYI: This itinerary shows the start in khorog. This was our first plan but due to better flight options we decided now to start in Osh instead.
I know this is very raw but still any feedback is greatly appreciated.

16/08 Khorog
17/08 Bartang Valley
18/08 Bartang Valley
19/08 Bartang Valley
20/08 Khorog - Ishkashim
21/08 Ishkashim
22/08 Ishkashim - Langar (Yamchun Fort)
23/08 Langar
24/08 Langar - Bulunkul
25/08 Bulunkul - Murgab
26/08 Murgab - Pshart Valley
27/08 Murgab - Shakhty
28/08 Murgab - Karakul (via Rangkul?)
29/08 Karakul - Tulparkul (Kyrgyzstan)
30/08 Tulparkul
31/08 Tulparkul - Osh
01/09 Osh

Thanks a lot for your help!
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Re: tadjikistan / pamir - trip itinerary review

Post by mazeno »

it is ok.
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Re: tadjikistan / pamir - trip itinerary review

Post by steven »

Hi raphik,

Looks like you did your research. I would also agree that it is a solid plan.
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