weather and transportation advice

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weather and transportation advice

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Hi everyone,
First of all thanks for all the information on the site, it's really useful. Now to my questions: I would like to make a trip after I finish my bachelor's degree (somewhere summer 2019). My plan is to travel to the Caucasus countries (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) then Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan (I'll probably skip Turkmenistan due to the short visa), then through China to Beijing and back with the trans Siberia express through Russia. I want to take about 6 months for this (1 month Caucasus, 2 months -stan countries, 2 months China, and 1 month Russia), is this a realistic planning? Or would I be spending too much time travelling? I'll probably mostly rely on trains, buses and (shared) taxis, is this doable in said countries? And will these transportation methods take me to the borders?
Another thing I was wondering about is the weather, I don't really like the summer heat and most of these countries probably have this. I was thinking to leave in January and skip most of the summer. Would this be a good idea, or would it be too cold in jan-march?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: weather and transportation advice

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Hi Stijn,

start with the Caucasus, it is not so cold there. Public transport is fine. 6 months sounds like a reasonable time frame, if you can handle traveling for such a long time. Enjoy!
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