Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

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Re: Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

Postby buddy__ » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:28 am


I'm planning on driving (own car) from Samarkand to Dushanbe through the Penjikent border crossing but am having trouble planning this route and how long it will take (road conditions, etc.). Can this be done in a single day? or will it likely take longer?
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Re: Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

Postby PaulGSA05 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:06 am

We arrived on juni 22 2019 in Samarkand. We left Dusjanbe at 5 o’clock in the morning and at 11 o’clock we were in hotel Oriënt Star in Samarkand. The bordercrossing was very easy and on both sides the policemen were very friendly and helped us to fill in a few forms. It took a little bit more time because of some computer problems. The time we spend at the border was 40 minutes.

On both sides of this trip the road conditions were very good. In Tajikistan every now and than there is a bit of the road missing, but it is 200% beter than the Pamir Highway. No graveltrack, no washboard, well maintanance. There were even a few lights on in the longest tunnel. We travel on a motorbike. We stoppend serval times for taking pictures and for getting 95 petrol. Also available on the Tajik side of the border in Penjakent.
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Re: Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

Postby sank » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:16 pm

I just crossed this border yesterday on my way to Samarkand. I was a bit worried about my expired car 'permit on the taj side, they kept saying penalty. (expired for 5 days) but never actually asked for money, I played the dump tourist and finally got word I was able to move forward without paying anything. before entering the border control locals (in line) waved me passed the line waiting cars, I walked to the gate first and asked. skipped about 15 cars in a extremely slow line up, I had already been there for 20 min without moving. Uzbekistan side ferry friendly officers, and helpt me fill out the forms (forms in Russian) for me. light check of car and asked to see my medicines, where checking for codeine.
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Re: Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

Postby yaqinisme22 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:49 pm

I crossed this border from Samarkand to Panjakent. I took a minibus number 41 from registan to kaftarxona for 1300 som then shared taxi to the border for 7000 som. On uzbek side, they just scanned my bag, asked me registration (I did couchsurfing, so I have no registration for some days but apparently it's not a problem) then stamped my passport. On Tajik side, they took a picture, stamped my visa and passport. They didn't check or scan my bags. There's one money changer on Tajikistan side. Shared taxi to Panjakent 10 somoni (1 usd)
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Re: Penjikent Border Crossing Reports

Postby samanthalee » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:02 pm

Crossed about a week ago from Uzbekistan to Dushanbe - I followed the transit instructions on the Caravanistan blog to get from central Samarkand to the border - all worked out well, just waited at the bus stop across from the Registan beside Labi G’or restaurant and looked for “Kaftarxona” written on the side of the bus.

Border crossing was very painless, guards were all kind and friendly! Took about half an hour in total to cross. The Uzbeki guard did ask for my hostel registration papers, though most other people I’ve talked to have not had to provide these.

Waited about 20 minutes on the Tajik side to fill up a shared taxi to Dushanbe and paid 100 somoni - they took me right to my guest house. Super easy!

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