Bicycles on train from Urumqi to Almaty

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Bicycles on train from Urumqi to Almaty

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Hello there, first of all thanks for the amazing website and forum.

As per subject, we would like to take two bicycles from China to Almaty without flying. We know the situation is ever changing in Xinjiang, so it'd be great to have first hand accounts if possible. We are familiar with the operation of dispatching bikes as cargo on the Chinese railways, we just don't know whether that service extends to international trains, more specifically the Almaty one. Suggestions for parcel forwarding services are welcome too.

In case we follow this route, I'm expecting strict searches in Urumqi plus dodgy malwares installed on our phones and general unpleasantness. This alone might put us off the plan entirely, but it would be good to have info on the bike / cargo situation anyway.

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